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Church Media Collections

Church Media Collections of Backgrounds, Countdowns, & More

  • You Are The Church

    You Are The Church
    Creative Media Solutions

    This inspiring video will fire up any church group or individual. Matt Delzell gives an exhortation that is ideal for a “Back To Church” themed service, to welcome a congregation, as a service starter or even a sermon bumper. ... more


  • Northern Lights Theme Pack

    Northern Lights Theme Pack
    Life Scribe Media

    Northern Lights Theme Pack including 8 worship loop animations of the aurora borealis, a service welcome, a service close, offering and tithes animation, upcoming events and announcements animation, and a countdown pre-servic ... more


  • Northern Lights Countdown

    Northern Lights Countdown
    Life Scribe Media

    CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR NORTHERN LIGHTS THEME PACK AND SAVE Northern countdown pre-service timer over nature background scene with glowing aurora borealis colors within a starry night sky.


  • Clean Slate

    Clean Slate
    Journey Box Media

    The past can keep us trapped. This worship intro is a great way to start off any service dealing with letting go of the past and moving on toward what God has for you next. This worship intro is a great way to start off any s ... more


  • Jesus

    Worship Lyrics Videos

    Beautiful new song and accompanying video from Chris Tomlin. This song comes with a full, split, and click version of the video song track.


  • Tithes and Offerings Theme Pack

    Tithes and Offerings Theme Pack
    Creative Media Solutions

    Here’s an up-close look at the lovely design and artistry on U.S. currency and a Christian’s obligation to tithe. Paying the tithe is something every Christian should do, as an expression of honor and gratitude for our God. C ... more


  • Cross and Cosmos Background 1

    Cross and Cosmos Background 1
    Vertical Hold Media

    A beautiful, looping worship motion background, with the cross and moving stars. Perfect for Good Friday or the Easter season or any worship setting. HD and SD


  • God's Chisel

    God's Chisel
    Skit Guys Studios

    When God chisels the dead weight out of our lives it can be quite painful. In this new high quality, remastered version of their most requested skit, Tommy and Eddie give a very creative look at a typical believer having to g ... more


  • Good Good Father

    Good Good Father
    Worship Lyrics Videos

    Good Good Father [lyric video] by Chris Tomlin, Includes multiple matching lyric backgrounds for use with your live worship team plus 3 stand-alone song movies in original stereo audio, split-trax and click-trax versions. Per ... more


  • The Lord's Prayer (Kaleidoscope)

    The Lord's Prayer (Kaleidoscope)
    Dan Stevers

    A stunning presentation of The Lord’s Prayer that can be used to start your service or intro a message. Includes two versions of the prayer: Modern and Traditional See more powerful sermon illustrations from Dan Stevers



    Vertical Hold Media

    An amazing offer! 20 high-quality countdowns for only $10! Includes useful themes on prayer, evangelism, hope, etc. Also, we have another “20 For 10” deal! Another completely different bundle of 20 countdowns for only $1 ... more


  • Small Group Promo #3

    Small Group Promo #3
    Dan Stevers

    Whether you call it a small group, a community group, a life group, or just a group, the important thing is getting connected to God and His people. The purchase includes alternately named versions for Life Groups, Connect Gr ... more


  • Golden New Year Countdown

    Golden New Year Countdown
    Playback Media

    Points and rays of light sway and sparkle in the background like a crowd at a New Year’s celebration. This golden motion has a 5-minute countdown and the words “Until We Begin” in dark, contrasting text. Part of the Golden Ne ... more


  • Connect With A Group Today

    Connect With A Group Today
    Motion Worship

    This mini-movie is designed to promote small groups / life groups and illustrate the power of community. A collection of dots drift aimlessly, alone. As the music builds, bold text describes the strength of connections while ... more


  • Living Color
    Image Vine

    Floating color dots and shafts of colored light interplay in smooth motion in this warm worship background. Designed to enhance your church's worship experience. Living Color Motion Backgrounds. This download includes the HD ... more

    $5.00 $3.95

  • Playback Starter Pack Collection

    Playback Starter Pack Collection
    Playback Media

    Playback Starter Pack Collection for ProPresenter.


  • Country Lights Theme Pack [LS]

    Country Lights Theme Pack [LS]
    Life Scribe Media

    Country Lights Theme pack with hanging incandescent bulbs on 5 background worship loop animations, a service welcome, service close, offerings animation, upcoming events and announcements animation, a fall back time change an ... more


  • Believe

    Overflow Media Group

    This short, uplifting sermon bumper video reminds us of just a few of the signs and miracles Jesus performed so that we could believe, referencing John 20:30-31. This video would serve well as a bumper for a sermon about the ... more


  • New Years Color Wave

    New Years Color Wave
    Image Vine

    A bright and colorful abstract image. New Years, New Years Eve. This download includes the HD (widescreen) and SD (standard screen) formats.


  • Midnight Pop Countdown

    Midnight Pop Countdown
    Playback Media

    Glitter floats around a dark wooden background. A five-minute countdown appears in the center making this a great trendy start to use year round or celebrate the New Year. It’s part of the Midnight Pop Collection.


  • Calming Nature Green 1 Motion

    Calming Nature Green 1 Motion
    Playback Media

    This looping motion features slow moving bars across a forest landscape. This is a great motion for sermon notes, scripture, announcements, lyrics and other events. This is part of the Calming Nature Green Collection.


  • Shifting Geometry Countdown

    Shifting Geometry Countdown
    Playback Media

    Neon lights create a diamond frame over a collage of dark brown, geometric shapes. These dusky brown panels rotate around a central diamond where a 5-minute countdown appears. This motion background is part of the Shifting Ge ... more


  • Energy Theme Pack [LS]

    Energy Theme Pack [LS]
    Life Scribe Media

    Abstract Theme Pack with 6 worship background loop animations, s service welcome, a service close, an announcements animation, an offering animation and a countdown pre-service timer. This collection will save you a bundle.


  • Fresh Theme Pack [LS]

    Fresh Theme Pack [LS]
    Life Scribe Media

    CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE OF OUR THEME PACKSFresh Clean title and animations set with a variety of service slides, transitions, bumpers, background loop animations, and a countdown timer. Title slides are distinguished by a col ... more


  • 10,000 Reasons

    10,000 Reasons

    This unique resource allows the user the ability to compile their own personalized and seamless set straight from their computer for 10,000 Reasons. Includes 3 files per song (STEREO, SPLIT, & CLICK - lyrics remain on scr ... more


Church Media Collections

Church media collections provide an easy way for you to create a theme and set a tone for your worship service. Most collections contain worship backgrounds and countdowns so you can use similar imagery throughout worship and your sermon.

Featured Church Media

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