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  • Amazing Grace Pt. 2

    Amazing Grace Pt. 2
    Redwood Media Group

    Redwood trees are ancient giants, the tallest living beings on earth. They are almost impervious to fire and natural dangers. In a sense, they are almost unstoppable. This video is a teaching from a Redwood forest in Califor ... more


  • Who Controls Who

    Who Controls Who
    Redwood Media Group

    75% of the American people live from paycheck to paycheck. The average 28 year old has over 6,000 in debt. In this video, a man struggles desperately to run away from the finances that follow him. Though this intense, action ... more


  • Amazing Grace Pt. 3

    Amazing Grace Pt. 3
    Redwood Media Group

    A teaching from a vineyard on the Grace of God. We, as Christians, are dispensers of God's Grace to a thirsty world. In this video, the scenery, special effects, and narrative come together to leave a lasting image of the ... more


  • Champion Speech

    Champion Speech
    Redwood Media Group

    Christianity is a team sport , never to be played alone. In this video, a passionate Football Coach gives his desperate locker room speech. This hilarious and dramatic presentation is about perseverance with your team mates. ... more


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