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Gerrild, Kyle

7 Products

  • Spring Countdown (with music)

    Spring Countdown (with music)
    Gerrild, Kyle

    A 5 minute Spring countdown featuring flowers, soothing audio, and a warm, welcoming message.


  • Spring & Summer Countdown

    Spring & Summer Countdown
    Gerrild, Kyle

    A 5 minute Spring & Summer Countdown featuring flowers and a warm, welcoming message.


  • Aiming

    Gerrild, Kyle

    Like archery, life is all about hitting the target. This is a fun, illustrative video in a forest setting aiming at helping us all hit the target of getting closer to God.


  • FishBowlLoop

    Gerrild, Kyle

    A loop variation of "FishBowlCountdown".


  • Campout Countdown

    Campout Countdown
    Gerrild, Kyle

    A fun, 5 minute camping countdown. 4 minutes of serenity, 1 minute of action!


  • This Book

    This Book
    Gerrild, Kyle

    The Bible is historical but, not merely a book of history. Its stories are amazing but, it is not fiction. It has the power to change lives because the Bible is the very word of God to mankind. This video is based on a famo ... more


  • Running

    Gerrild, Kyle

    An inspiring reminder that the Christian life is a race--and our goal is to finish strong. Great as a sermon intro on commitment and running with passion.


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