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Pixel Preacher

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  • My Dad Is Better Than Yours

    My Dad Is Better Than Yours
    Pixel Preacher

    Dads are awesome. They are superheroes in disguise who have done so much for their families. It’s easy to be a little biased and think that your dad is the greatest….well, because he is! Truth is, every dad is the greatest! W ... more


  • My Mom Is Better Than Yours

    My Mom Is Better Than Yours
    Pixel Preacher

    It’s easy to be biased and think your mom is better than others. Truth is, all moms are the best. They do so much for us. Make them feel special with this fun video.


  • Easter Painting Opener

    Easter Painting Opener
    Pixel Preacher

    A cinematic telling of the final days of Jesus. This animation goes through iconic paintings throughout history of the life of Jesus. This video is meant to draw emotion from the viewer, giving them a tangible depiction of th ... more


  • Easter Opener

    Easter Opener
    Pixel Preacher

    The story of Jesus is the greatest story ever told. Especially the last few days leading up to his crucifixion. Jesus entered Jerusalem while people praised his arrival. As the days progressed many would betray him, even some ... more


  • Risen

    Pixel Preacher

    Our world was lost to sin for many years. People were broken and empty. But throughout scripture a promise was made of a Savior that would conquer sin and bring salvation. That promise was fulfilled through Jesus Christ. God ... more


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