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  • Sanctity Of Life

    Sanctity Of Life
    Beamer Films

    This Sanctity of Life Sunday, we remember the pre-born lives not allowed to live. With the growing acceptance of the destruction of human life -- through abortion, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide we are challenged t ... more


  • Prayer Wisdom Countdown

    Prayer Wisdom Countdown
    Beamer Films

    The non-countdown version of Prayer Wisdom may be found here: http://sermonspice.com/product/8767/prayer-wisdom This thought-provoking countdown features powerful prayer quotes from believers-of-old, such as John Bunyan, Mart ... more


  • Evangelism

    Beamer Films

    Get a free loop, "Light Panels Loop 07" with the purchase of this video! "Evangelism." Evangelism can be a struggle. Evangelism can feel like a chore. This video is a heartfelt look at what evangelism is through the eyes of a ... more


  • Worship

    Beamer Films

    Why worship corporately? Why worship individually? Through worship we accomplish more than we know. By worshiping and celebrating together we lock in to a rhythm. If we can do such an incredible thing together, what else can ... more


  • Invite

    Beamer Films

    Christ wants to expand His Kingdom by extending invitation to the unchurched through the church. It may seem unpleasant, but rewarding. Use this hilarious mini-move to help encourage your congregation to invite friends, fami ... more


  • Mother's Day Tribute

    Mother's Day Tribute
    Beamer Films

    This short film is best described as a ‘Mother’s Day Video Card’. It is our way of honoring the love of Mothers everywhere - women who have devoted their lives to their children and families. With soothing music and refreshin ... more


  • It Is Finished

    It Is Finished
    Beamer Films

    This worship intro by Beamer Films is the ideal reflection for leading into or ending a Good Friday Service. It is a powerful and poignant portrayal of the darkness, loneliness and suffering endured by Jesus on the day that H ... more


  • Declaration of Independence NEW

    Declaration of Independence NEW
    Beamer Films

    This short film is a 4th of July celebration and tribute to The Declaration of Independence. The celebratory atmosphere comes complete with a display of fireworks. What we honor on this special day is a freedom and independen ... more


  • Proverbs 3:5 Sunflower Countdown

    Proverbs 3:5 Sunflower Countdown
    Beamer Films

    This bright sunflower countdown is ideal for the sunny summer months, featuring a moving sunflower and a verse to reflect upon from the book of Proverbs. We have purposely left the audio track out so you can use this over you ... more


  • Father's Day Countdown

    Father's Day Countdown
    Beamer Films

    This simple and contemporary blue 5 minute countdown has a simple message: Happy Father’s Day! It starts with a cool 10 second lead in, followed by the text. The countdown is silent, so you can use it along with your own wors ... more


  • Father's Day Feud

    Father's Day Feud
    Beamer Films

    This comedic, short film about friends, feuds, fathers and forgiveness takes a light-hearted look at our fathers on this Father’s Day, honoring their love and dedication as they both struggle and strive to live godly lives am ... more


  • Firefly Particles Teal Loop

    Firefly Particles Teal Loop
    Beamer Films

    This looping motion background is great for sermon notes, announcements, lyrics, or by itself to add a creative edge to your service.


  • Chasing The Light

    Chasing The Light
    Beamer Films

    Through Worship, may we open our hearts -- may we open our hands --- and in this moment, give sufficient attention to the one called “ The Light of the World.”



    Beamer Films

    This loop is from our "GLOWING INSIDE" collection, a set of 10 looping motion backgrounds great for sermon notes, announcements, lyrics, or by itself to add a creative edge to your service.


  • Worthy Is The Lamb

    Worthy Is The Lamb
    Beamer Films

    This video is a great way to inspire during the worship experience. It proclaims God's worthiness of our praise and worship. Perfect to use to transition between worship songs or to lead into the message.


  • Colorful Blinds 02

    Colorful Blinds 02
    Beamer Films

    This loop is from our "Light Panel" collection, a set of looping motion backgrounds great for sermon notes, announcements, lyrics, or by itself to add a creative edge to your service. This loop is from our "Light Panel" colle ... more



    Beamer Films

    It’s that time of year masks are everywhere. But, if we’re honest, we’ll admit masks are everywhere - 365 days of the year. Unfortunately, these in invisible masks prevent us from building meaningful, authentic relationships ... more


  • Labor Day God's Way

    Labor Day God's Way
    Beamer Films

    This Labor Day parable is a perfect addition to your Labor Day weekend services. It reminds us to cast all of our cares upon God, to lay our burdens at his feet!


  • 4th of July

    4th of July
    Beamer Films

    This 4th of July illustration is a powerful way to remind our folks to celebrate our God and the different forms of Liberty he provides. It also serves to honor those who have sacrificed so much in order for us to enjoy the f ... more



    Beamer Films

    This loop is from our "Fireworks" collection, a set of 7 looping motion backgrounds great for sermon notes, announcements, lyrics, or by itself to add a creative edge to your service. Perfect for Independence Day, 4th of Ju ... more


  • Fathers Day

    Fathers Day
    Beamer Films

    Perfect for Father's Day! A little child's world of innocent happiness is constituted by its absolute certainty of the knowledge of the fact its father cares and love for him or her. This video demonstrates how a child feels ... more


  • Palm Sunday

    Palm Sunday
    Beamer Films

    Fulfilling the prophecy of OT concerning Him, Jesus travels on a colt,on his final journey to Jerusalem to be crucified by the very people whom He created and loved. Sin not only separates man from God but also blinds man to ... more



    Beamer Films

    A pleasant memory of the Most powerful story ever told to mankind. This is the story about the birth of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ. Here is an illustration of a woman who remembers her dad telling the story of Christma ... more


  • Thanksgiving!

    Beamer Films

    This video encourages us to thank God in all things, in all places and at all times- Not just on Thanksgiving Day. Perfect for your Thanksgiving services.


  • Veterans Day

    Veterans Day
    Beamer Films

    This Veterans Day video will set the tone for your Veterans Day Service. It honors those that have gone before us to give us our everyday freedoms, but also reminds us of that Greater Freedom found only in Christ. Veterans Da ... more


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