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MLK-Faith is Taking the First Step

MLK-Faith is Taking the First Step

By Digital Echo (E)

Sermon Illustration or choice of 3 countdowns.This powerful and artistic video portrays Martin Luther King's moving words on faith, loyalty, justice, hate and love. This motivating introduction segues smoothly into themes of missional living, evangelism, commitment, service, purpose, reconciliation, racism, peace and social action. The stirring ending is a challenge with King's words, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." Use this video for King's birthday (January 18) or during February-Black History Month. The film has been popular all year long! If you like this video be sure to check out GRACE IN CONTRAST and YOUR ETERNAL BANK ACCOUNT. Also available: MLK COUNTDOWN #17 FAITH STEPS-BLUES MUSIC INTRO (5:00) - blues music and colorful backgrounds precede the same sermon illustration creating a countdown to your program. MLK COUNTDOWN #18 FAITH STEPS-ROCK MUSIC INTRO-Colorful Backgrounds (4:00) MLK COUNTDOWN #19 MLK FAITH-BLACK INTRO-White counter-No Music in Intro (5:00) www.echoDVD.net for categorized list of more Sermonspice videos. www.sermonvideos.wordpress.com for comments.