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Spiritual Blindness

Spiritual Blindness

By Digital Echo (E)

Jesus confronted the pharisees and still encourages us to see spiritually today. In this video seeing is not always believing. This powerful video focuses on the play on words by Jesus about blindness and sight. This piece works with themes of belief, truth, faith, hypocrisy, sin, false teaching, pharisees, and looking toward His return. At the end the probing question is asked: How's YOUR spiritual Eye-Q? This video is relevant for all ages. Relates to the following verses: Matthew 15:14 (Blind leading the blind); John 9:25 (blind man healed); John 9:39; Luke 6:39 (I have come so the blind will see and those who see will become blind); James 1:23; John 6:14...the world neither sees Him or knows Him; John 4:19 (the world will not see me but you will see me) www.echoDVD.net for categorized list of Sermonspice videos. www.sermonvideos.wordpress.com to comment on the blog.