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MLK Countdown#19 Faith-Black Intro

MLK Countdown#19 Faith-Black Intro

By Digital Echo (E)

A powerful Sermon Illustration and Countdown in one 5 minute video. The illustration is preceded by an elegant black background with a simple white counter and no music for 4 minutes and then the 1 minute Sermon Illustration begins with the countdown continuing to count down to zero. The Sermon Illustration MLK-FAITH IS TAKING THE FIRST STEP portrays the words of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. in an artistically tasteful and refreshing countdown. Available as a sermon illustration without the counter or with a choice of blues or rock music in the intro in a 4 or 5 minute countdown with colorful abstract backgrounds in the introduction-See Below. MLK-Countdown #17 Intro has colorful backgrounds and blues music. (5 minute countdown) (Please scroll down) MLK-Countdown #18 Intro has colorful backgrounds and rock music. (4 minute countdown) MLK-Countdown #19 Intro has black background, white counter no music. (5 minute countdown) Sermon Illustration: MLK-Faith is Taking the First Step (1 minute video) For a categorized listing of all Digital Echo videos on Sermonspice visit: www.echoDVD.net. www.sermonvideos.wordpress.com for the blog.