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Tu Cuenta Bancaria Eterna

Tu Cuenta Bancaria Eterna

By Digital Echo (E)

Este impactante y pertinente video aborda los retos de esta crisis económica. ¿Dónde está tu tesoro? ¡La cuenta bancaria eterna es el lugar más seguro para tus inversiones! Juan 14:27, Mateo 6:19-21. Keyword: Digital Echo bank account - to find all versions Visit www.echoDVD.net for categorized list of videos. Powerful and relevant video perfect for your sermon on how the Christian should respond to these challenging economic times. Where is your treasure? In whom do you trust? God or money? The eternal bank account is the safest place for our investments! Your people will appreciate the comfort they find in this video. International versions with U.K., Canadian, Euro, U.S., Australian and New Zealand currencies also available. An alternate US version with heavier rock music is "God's Bailout Plan".