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Sermon Illustrations

Inspirational Sermon Illustration Videos

  • Something Beautiful

    Something Beautiful
    Motion Worship

    This sermon illustration mini-movie depicts a man gathering broken and discarded pieces of wood from old barns in a stark winter scene. As he describes his work, we realize this is God speaking about humanity, and how our Fat ... more


  • Change The Story

    Change The Story
    Motion Worship

    This outreach-focused sermon illustration mini-movie depicts a wide variety of people struggling alone with difficult situations, with motion tracked text telling their stories. In the second half, their lives are transformed ... more


  • GO

    We were never created to be stationary. God gave us the ability to move and communicate for a reason. When Jesus established the church he intended it to be a movement, and upon his return to heaven, his final command could b ... more

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  • Preparing For Lent

    Preparing For Lent
    Hyper Pixels Media

    Lent is a time of prayer, repentance, giving, and self-denial. As Jesus spent 40 days in the desert (Matthew 4:1-11), where He endured temptation by the devil, we follow his example during the season of lent where we deny sel ... more


  • Love your Enemy

    Love your Enemy
    Sermon Supply

    Jesus could have said to create peace with our enemy, but he doesn’t. He told us to love our enemy. Sami Awad, a Christian Palestinian shares what it looks like to actually follow Jesus’ challenging words while living in on ... more




    An elderly Czech woman lives at the "Embassy of the Kingdom of Heaven." Deidox | Ludmilla is a true story of how God is using everyday people to do His work and expand His Kingdom. This short film documents how one woman is ... more


  • Deeper

    Sermon Supply

    God’s love calls us away from the shore, into the unknown, into His grand plan for our lives.


  • Connect With A Group Today

    Connect With A Group Today
    Motion Worship

    This mini-movie is designed to promote small groups / life groups and illustrate the power of community. A collection of dots drift aimlessly, alone. As the music builds, bold text describes the strength of connections while ... more


  • The Language of Love

    The Language of Love
    70x7 Media

    The are many languages in the world. God speaks one language that everyone understands.


  • Nicodemus

    Skit Guys Studios

    He was a Pharisee, but one that wanted to hear what Jesus had to say. Watch as Nicodemus retells the conversation with Christ that helped him focus on how less really could be more.


  • Free

    Journey Box Media

    Paul reminds us in Galatians 5:1 that Christ has set us free, but it’s very easy to fall back into slavery. This mini-movie, featuring the song “Beautiful Things” by Gungor, is a powerful reminder that we have been set free.


  • You Are Loved

    You Are Loved
    Now i See Media

    Your worth and value to God are demonstrated by the glorious riches of His grace in sending Jesus Christ to be our redeemer, rescuing us from our sin. We cannot earn God's love by performing better, it is given freely to us ... more


  • Lent - A Journey

    Lent - A Journey
    Vertical Hold Media

    Lent is not an event, it is a journey -- a path that leads to a deeper relationship with Jesus. Perfect for viewing on Ash Wednesday or anytime during the season of Lent -- and a great lead-up to Easter. This is also includ ... more


  • Come to the Table

    Come to the Table
    Poppen Productions

    Introduction and invitation to Communion. We are all invited to His table. Yet as we come, we need to acknowledge our weakness and embrace his sacrifice.


  • Firstfruits

    Dan Stevers

    Cain and Abel brought offerings to the Lord but only Abel’s was accepted. Why did God reject Cain’s offering? This mini-movie looks at the principal of the firstfruit and why it's central to our giving. This video could be us ... more


  • Bring It

    Bring It
    1529 Productions

    God has blessed us with spiritual gifts that we can use to spread His Word. Just as a member of a team, each of us play an important role. This sermon opener uses the analogy of football and a challenge to "Bring It" to the g ... more


  • I Am The Holy Spirit

    I Am The Holy Spirit
    Urban Truth Video

    A short transitional video giving clues to the viewer as to who the Holy Spirit is. A great bumper before speaking about the Holy Spirit.


  • QUIT-Jesus Loves Quitters

    QUIT-Jesus Loves Quitters
    Poppen Productions

    Life-change is all about quitting. The old life is gone: a new life has begun. But in order for this to happen we need to quit. Quit the lies, quit pretending that things are OK, quit pretending we can do this alone. Quitting ... more


  • Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven

    Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven

    Everyone wants to go to Heaven. Right. But how do you get there? We all are going to die, someday. This video explains the way. Music background is included.



    Unusual Soldiers

    Playing it safe is dangerous. During this short film you will not only visit a man who "lived" in a bunker for 14 years, but you will also come face to face with the most dangerous place on earth. The video encourages people ... more


  • Invite A Friend

    Invite A Friend
    Lux Productions

    One friend invites a friend that invites another friend to church. Before you know it the church is full and it's full of excitement. Isn't that what heaven is going to be like? Filled with friends who brought friends, that b ... more


  • Your Past

    Your Past
    Now i See Media

    Many people obsessively focus on the mistakes of their past. When it comes to our sin, God has provided forgiveness through his grace. This illustration helps us understand that God's grace not only takes care of our past, ... more


  • Every Sunday

    Every Sunday
    Now i See Media

    Every Sunday people gather together and offer praise to their football team. They freely cheer, clap their hands, and shout for joy without being prompted to do so. This video encourages us that our praise of God should exc ... more


  • So Lets Praise Him

    So Lets Praise Him
    Nathanael James

    This worship intro will help stir your congregation to praise the Awesome, Living, Saving God.


  • Church Judging

    Church Judging
    Holywood FIlms

    The secret thoughts of a congregation. as they look at others around them. Perfect video for any sermon on judging or loving one another. Directed by Jeff Morrison This was selected as Clip of the week on GodTube.


Sermon Illustrations

Enhance your sermon or worship experience with a sermon illustration video. Church video clips like these help emphasize a message on any topic from grace to prayer to evangelism. Or begin your service with an inspirational sermon starter or worship intro. We have the largest selection of worship and church media around.

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