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Sermon Illustrations

Inspirational Sermon Illustration Videos

  • Kids Talk Christmas

    Kids Talk Christmas
    Dive Media

    We quiz kids on their knowledge of the Biblical Christmas story.


  • It All Starts Here

    It All Starts Here
    Floodgate Productions

    If we want our modern Christmas celebrations to make sense, we need to go back to the starting point. Take your congregation on the journey.


  • The Way In A Manger

    The Way In A Manger
    Journey Box Media

    From seven different perspectives comes the story of one baby whose arrival would forever change the world. The Way in a Manger is perfect for connecting your congregation with the reality of the birth of Christ, as told by ... more


  • The Real Night Before Christmas

    The Real Night Before Christmas
    Journey Box Media

    Most of us can relate to a child's anticipation on the night before Christmas, excited about the next morning's gifts. In this mini movie, we relate that very sense of anticipation of wonderful gifts to come with the emotions ... more


  • Christmas Worship Intro

    Christmas Worship Intro
    Hyper Pixels Media

    This video is a powerful way to kick-off your Christmas Worship Service. It combines powerful music, images, and familiar scripture that is sure to encourage and lift up your congregation. Works great as a service starter or ... more


  • Christ The Savior Is Born

    Christ The Savior Is Born
    Centerline New Media

    We were alone, living under the curse of sin, until the light of Jesus broke into our world. Wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger, the Word became flesh. So, come let us adore the Newborn King, Christ the Lord. Featuring s ... more


  • Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

    Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
    Skit Guys Studios

    All of creation, all of God's story, all of us, long for Christ's coming. Watch this moving piece that illustrates how all of history culminates in the birth of Jesus. Music by Marcy Priest. Available on iTunes.


  • Welcome To Church (Christmas)

    Welcome To Church (Christmas)
    Centerline New Media

    Welcome newcomers to your church this Christmas season with this fun and upbeat mini-movie. A creative way to make guests feel comfortable and communicate who you are as a church and what you believe. This is the Christmas ve ... more


  • Hope Is Born

    Hope Is Born
    Centerline New Media

    Even in our darkest times, when it seems like God is silent, He is still working for our good. For out of the darkness of that silent night, Hope was born! Perfect for any Christmas or Christmas Eve service, based on scriptur ... more


  • God with Us

    God with Us
    Remedy Media

    The one who put the stars in the sky “emptied himself” according to Philippians 2:7. This Mini-movie attempts to illustrate the wonderful truth that the Creator of the universe chose to enter into our world as a helpless baby ... more


  • Space For Jesus in a Busy Christmas

    Space For Jesus in a Busy Christmas
    Mountain Christian Church

    This powerful yet simple video illustrates on a whiteboard how we've added busyness and chaos to the Christmas season, leaving no room for Jesus in our lives and hearts.The point is that we can and must return to the original ... more


  • That's My King (REMIX)

    That's My King (REMIX)
    Igniter Media

    The late S.M. Lockridge’s words about Jesus are still inspiring and powerful. This updated version offers a new look for a timeless message.


  • Four Words (Again)

    Four Words (Again)
    Floodgate Productions

    NEW LOOK AND FEEL FOR 2014! The four words that changed our world are still just as powerful as they were when Christ entered it. This mini-movie will help your church experience the sobering power of a God who chooses to be ... more


  • Breathe Deep - A Christmas Eve Reflection

    Breathe Deep - A Christmas Eve Reflection
    Floodgate Productions

    When people come to your Christmas Eve services, they all need a reminder to leave the chaos behind, and to focus on the Child, the manger, and the hope He brings.


  • Swaddled With Grace
    Dive Media

    When God put on flesh to dwell with us, everything changed.

    $15.00 $10.00

  • The Gift - Christmas Chains

    The Gift - Christmas Chains
    Caleb Price Productions

    Christmas is a time for celebration of our Savior; Jesus Christ. But what if we don’t accept this free gift? In a beautiful mansion, the inhabitants have everything they could ever want; food, wealth, and comfort. The catch ... more


  • Joyful Giving

    Joyful Giving

    This mini movie teaches us about the biblical motivation behind giving. Our reasons for giving usually fall somewhere between giving in order to get back from God and giving because we feel we are commanded to. But the Macedo ... more


  • John The Baptist

    John The Baptist
    Skit Guys Studios

    John The Baptist may have never set out to talk much, but listen as he describes ending up with a front row seat to the beginning of Jesus’s ministry.


  • The Journey Toward Hope

    The Journey Toward Hope
    Building Worship

    “Every person who has walked the road of hopelessness is not at peace.” Pastor Bob Lehman discusses a family tragedy that brought him face to face with hopelessness and how he moved beyond the feelings of emptiness and anger ... more


  • The Nativity

    The Nativity

    With only a stable for shelter, Mary gives birth to Jesus with Joseph at her side. Wrapped in cloths, Jesus is placed in a manger. This stunning reenactment gives your church and followers a unique window to the past. From th ... more


  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing

    Hark the Herald Angels Sing
    Flickering Mind Media

    Hark! The Herald Angels Sing is a Christmas classic and tells the story of Jesus Birth. This video is ideal for a Christmas or Christmas Eve service. It can be used as a sing along, stand alone element, introduction or othe ... more


  • Seek

    Dan Stevers

    Jesus's presence is constant and available but it must be sought out. This was true for the shepherds and wisemen and it's true for us today. Through his Holy Spirit he draws near to those who draw near to him and he promises ... more


  • First Christmas: Shepherd

    First Christmas: Shepherd
    Skit Guys Studios

    The night of Christ's birth, a shepherd realizes that this night is good news to ALL people. Part of the First Christmas collection.


  • Come, Adore Him

    Come, Adore Him
    No Limits Publishing

    A simple, but touching video for Christmas Eve or any time during the Christmas Season. This video speaks to those who may be hurting or have burdens that they need to lay down. It's an inclusive invitation for all to come ... more


  • Stuff

    Floodgate Productions

    We all carry stuff - some good, some not so good. And when we come to church, it’s easy to leave our stuff in the parking lot, then walk into the church building with a smile, as if our stuff doesn’t really exist. But what if ... more


Sermon Illustrations

Enhance your sermon or worship experience with a sermon illustration video. Church video clips like these help emphasize a message on any topic from grace to prayer to evangelism. Or begin your service with an inspirational sermon starter or worship intro. We have the largest selection of worship and church media around.

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