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Sermon Illustrations

Sermon Illustrations and Church Videos

  • The Land of The Free
    Hyper Pixels Media

    America’s founding fathers envisioned a new nation that would become the land of the free and the home of the brave. On July 4th (Independence Day), we celebrate that freedom with fireworks, picnics, and baseball games. But, ... more

    $19.98 $9.99

  • Made For Something Great

    Made For Something Great
    James Grocho

    An inspirational film explaining that we were created for a purpose and that God has a specific plan for our lives. And if we let go and allow Jesus to lead, He will show us how to walk by faith and not by sight. Our paths wi ... more


  • Welcome to Church

    Welcome to Church
    Outreach, Inc.

    The video that's changing the way people think about Church. It takes the viewer on a brief overview of the impact that the Church has had on humanity, culture and the positive influence that Church is having on society today ... more


  • I'll Need You

    I'll Need You
    Igniter Media

    Kids have many influences in their lives that often steer them off course from Christ. Many of their responses in life’s situations will feel natural to them yet will leave them empty and alone. Even though many don’t realize ... more


  • God Bless America
    Hyper Pixels Media

    This Independence Day, celebrate America’s Christian foundation, her ingenuity, strength, and the many blessings bestowed by God. Featuring a powerful message and inspiring images, this July 4th mini-movie tells the story of ... more

    $19.98 $9.99

  • An Independence Day Prayer
    Centerline New Media

    A prayer of thanksgiving to God for America and the freedoms that we have been given. Beginning with Psalm 33:12, this mini-movie can be used as an intro to open your service, as a sermon illustration to set up a sermon on li ... more

    $19.98 $9.99

  • Arise (Call to Worship)
    Dan Stevers

    A blend of old and new, this call to worship combines traditional language with stirring music and visuals to prepare hearts and minds for worship.

    $20.00 $15.00

  • You Are Welcome

    You Are Welcome
    Motion Worship

    This bright, energetic welcome mini-movie is great for introducing new visitors to your congregation. It emphasizes the commands of Christ to love God and love others, then describes a typical service experience with worship ... more


  • The Graduation Stage

    The Graduation Stage
    Skit Guys Studios

    Help your graduates remember that they are going through a “stage” and that on the other side is a world waiting to hear their voice. A great video to honor the graduates in your church services.


  • Worship Him

    Worship Him
    Hyper Pixels Media

    So many of us walk into a worship service completely distracted by the things that life throws our way. It’s imperative that we remind our people “why” we are at church. It’s imperative that we remove the focus from ourselves ... more


  • Will You Be That Someone

    Will You Be That Someone
    True Image Productions

    As Christians, we are called to make disciples of all nations, to reach the whole world. Challenge your people to be disciple makers by asking the question. "Will You Be That Someone?" Someone who will invest their lives ... more


  • Graduation: Faith, Hope, & Love

    Graduation: Faith, Hope, & Love
    Skit Guys Studios

    There are just three things that you need to survive after you graduate. And it’s not pizza, money or a good job…


  • I Am The Holy Spirit

    I Am The Holy Spirit
    Urban Truth Video

    A short transitional video giving clues to the viewer as to who the Holy Spirit is. A great bumper before speaking about the Holy Spirit.


  • Make Your Mark

    Make Your Mark
    Dive Media

    Graduation is a milestone, one that brings both reflection on the past and hope for the future. For parents, it's a time to learn to let go of our children, sending them out to make their own mark in the world.


  • Growing Fruit

    Growing Fruit
    No Limits Publishing

    Sanctification. What is it? Growing more like Jesus. But, what part does grace play in it. This video illustrates the importance of drawing close to God and letting him grow our fruit instead of trying to become holy and righ ... more


  • Glory To The Lord Worship Intro

    Glory To The Lord Worship Intro
    Motion Worship

    This powerful worship introduction mini-movie is based on scripture passages from Isaiah 42. It speaks of God, the creator of the heavens, calling us to reach out to our world and follow him in victory. Beautiful scenes match ... more


  • GO


    We were never created to be stationary. God gave us the ability to move and communicate for a reason. When Jesus established the church he intended it to be a movement, and upon his return to heaven, his final command could b ... more


  • You Are The Church

    You Are The Church
    Creative Media Solutions

    This inspiring video will fire up any church group or individual. Matt Delzell gives an exhortation that is ideal for a “Back To Church” themed service, to welcome a congregation, as a service starter or even a sermon bumper. ... more


  • 1776

    Skit Guys Studios

    In 1776, a nation was founded on radical ideas. As a country, we continue to strive for justice and freedom for all. A great video to show your congregation as we celebrate the birth of our country.


  • Love Anthem

    Love Anthem
    Skit Guys Studios

    As much as we talk about and consider love, we rarely get it right. But God does, in every way. Watch this powerful tribute to God’s perfect love.


  • Our Mess, God's Masterpiece

    Our Mess, God's Masterpiece
    Skit Guys Studios

    It’s easy to feel like our life is a mess. It can be easy to lose hope…but change has come. Remember that Jesus overcame the world and he wants to make something beautiful out of our lives! He wants to make your life His Mast ... more


  • Cheerful Giver

    Cheerful Giver
    Hyper Pixels Media

    Money, tithing, and stewardship can be challenging topics to address with your congregation. However, this uplifting video makes it easy to share Biblical principles about giving, showing that God has a plan to bless us and o ... more


  • Change The Story

    Change The Story
    Motion Worship

    This outreach-focused sermon illustration mini-movie depicts a wide variety of people struggling alone with difficult situations, with motion tracked text telling their stories. In the second half, their lives are transformed ... more


  • New

    Storyhouse Studio

    Becoming a "totally new creation" is a promise that God gave to all who believe. In this mini-movie, the message of God "making all things new" unfolds in a beautiful story of His great love for us.


  • Ode to Fathers

    Ode to Fathers
    Creative Sheep

    A celebration of what makes Dads great, Ode to Fathers is a great way to kick off your Father's Day service by honoring all of the Dad's in the house.


Sermon Illustrations

Enhance your sermon or worship experience with a sermon illustration video. Church video clips like these help emphasize a message on any topic from grace to prayer to evangelism. Or begin your service with an inspirational sermon starter or worship intro. We have the largest selection of worship and church media around.

Featured Church Media

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The Land of The Free
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