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Sermon Illustrations - Page 2

Sermon Illustrations and Church Videos

  • Our Mess, God's Masterpiece

    Our Mess, God's Masterpiece
    Skit Guys Studios

    It’s easy to feel like our life is a mess. It can be easy to lose hope…but change has come. Remember that Jesus overcame the world and he wants to make something beautiful out of our lives! He wants to make your life His Mast ... more


  • Names of Jesus Intro

    Names of Jesus Intro

    This is a short, but effective intro video before any talk or sermon. It has a variety of names that Jesus is referred to throughout scripture.


  • Fix Our Eyes- Worship Intro

    Fix Our Eyes- Worship Intro
    Pink Goose Media

    A simple "welcome to church" opener with guests specifically in mind, this worship intro has an upbeat but relaxing feel to it. It's time to let go of distractions, relax and fix our eyes on Jesus.


  • Stressed Out

    Stressed Out
    Central Films

    Several people in stressful situations completely "lose it" as opera music plays. This video is a humorous way to identify with the things that stress us out and a great lead in to sermons about worry, peace, or anger.


  • The Storms of Life

    The Storms of Life
    Skit Guys Studios

    When the storms of life roll in, where does your strength come from? Who do you turn to when everything spins out of control? You will have seasons of life that are stormy; watch this video for a reminder of who gives you you ... more


  • Doubting Thomas

    Doubting Thomas
    The Work of the People

    Jesus said to him, \"Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.\"


  • Today, We Give

    Today, We Give
    Centerline New Media

    Using scripture from Matthew 6:19-21, this reflective mini-movie is a statement from us to God expressing the heart behind why we give. It works great to set up a sermon on generosity, or to prepare for a time of giving.


  • A Song of Prayer: Help Me To Be

    A Song of Prayer: Help Me To Be
    Carry the Burden Media

    Too often we seek to be closer to God through our own efforts. Instead, let's offer a prayer asking God to help us become all He has created us to be. With moving music by Cloverton, this video will focus us on God’s amazing ... more


  • Made For Something Great

    Made For Something Great
    James Grocho

    An inspirational film explaining that we were created for a purpose and that God has a specific plan for our lives. And if we let go and allow Jesus to lead, He will show us how to walk by faith and not by sight. Our paths wi ... more


  • Join A Group Today

    Join A Group Today
    Hyper Pixels Media

    Healthy churches grow larger and smaller at the same time. They grow larger (numerically) in corporate worship, but also smaller as members connect through small groups. It’s easy for new members to get “lost in the crowd” an ... more


  • God of the New

    God of the New
    Journey Box Media

    Due to popular demand, we’ve created a year-round version of our best-selling New Year’s video! This encouraging service opener reminds us that, no matter how things have gone so far, God always has new mercies and fresh star ... more


  • Epic Mother's Day Trailer

    Epic Mother's Day Trailer
    Motion Worship

    This energetic (and funny) Mother's Day mini-movie was created in the style of an epic action movie trailer complete with professional voiceover and bold 3D titles. It demonstrates her amazing powers, along with hilarious bu ... more


  • Our Risen Savior: Road To Emmaus

    Our Risen Savior: Road To Emmaus
    Skit Guys Studios

    Cleopas and Clopas may bicker and digress when telling stories, but their retelling of a powerful encounter after Christ’s crucifixion is anything but metaphorical.


  • The Risen Way

    The Risen Way
    Journey Box Media

    Remind your community that the power of the resurrection is the same power that can help them to overcome loss, defeat, doubt, and death. Perfect for Easter Sunday, and designed to work with our Easter Invite video, Good New ... more


  • He Is Risen - He Is Alive!

    He Is Risen - He Is Alive!
    Nathanael James

    The Psalmist asks, ‘where does my help come from?’ Though we may wrestle with doubts and fears, we know there is One in whom we have a hope and a future, One who has already won the battle for us. He is risen - He is alive!


  • The I AM Statements of Jesus Intro

    The I AM Statements of Jesus Intro

    This is a short, but effective intro video before any talk or sermon. It contains all the I AM statements that Jesus made. Would be great for any sermon series.



    Central Films

    Several people recite the words to Amazing Grace, but insert their personal struggles and victories. No actors were used - all the people and their stories are real. Inspired by an ad produced for the Salvation Army. Music Wr ... more


  • Free Fall

    Free Fall
    Prolifik Films

    A poetic take on Genesis 3 - the introduction of sin into our world and the fall of mankind. Free Fall does not provide a resolution or call to action, but serves to creatively set up the topic of sin and brokenness, or our d ... more


  • Welcome to Our Church 3

    Welcome to Our Church 3
    Animated Praise

    Help your congregation get excited about worship with this bright and upbeat welcome! The message is colorfully simple: You are ALWAYS WELCOME at this church!


  • After Easter Invite

    After Easter Invite
    Steelehouse Media Group

    After inviting friends to church for Easter, it's natural to relax in the success of our seasonal outreach.  Let this After Easter invite video help encourage your congregation to not let the conversation - and invitation - e ... more


  • The Good News Of Christ

    The Good News Of Christ
    Motion Worship

    This powerful short film presents the Gospel through timelapse painting, from creation to the resurrection & all of eternity. A simple but poetic voiceover combines with modern music to tell the story of God creating the ... more


  • Even There

    Even There
    Freebridge Media

    Based on Psalm 139, “Even There” is a moving video about God’s overwhelming presence and His love, protection and care over His children.


  • Together

    Motioncast Video Solutions

    Jesus is coming back for a pure and spotless bride. We must become unified in the purpose of glorifying Him. Because we must come together if we want Him To Get Her.


  • Truth

    Dive Media

    In a world that tells us anything can be true and everyone's truth can be different, the Bible tells us that God is the Truth, and the Truth can never change.


  • Need

    Freebridge Media

    Everywhere you go there is a need. In our cities, our nation and our world. People are struggling, addicted, broken and lost. If Jesus is the hope of the world, then His church should act as His hands and feet. It’s time for ... more


Sermon Illustrations - Page 2

Enhance your sermon or worship experience with a sermon illustration video. Church video clips like these help emphasize a message on any topic from grace to prayer to evangelism. Or begin your service with an inspirational sermon starter or worship intro. We have the largest selection of worship and church media around.

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