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Sermon Illustrations - Page 2

Sermon Illustrations and Church Videos

  • The One Who Died For All

    The One Who Died For All
    Skit Guys Studios

    This powerful mini-movie reminds us that when Jesus sent His disciples out to share the Gospel, He sent them into all the world—to reach all people, no matter where they were from, what language they spoke, or what they looke ... more


  • Thanksgiving: God's Goodness

    Thanksgiving: God's Goodness
    Skit Guys Studios

    In this humorous yet sentimental Thanksgiving video, we are reminded that no matter how messy our lives get, we should always be thankful for God’s goodness.


  • A Psalm of Thanks

    A Psalm of Thanks
    Centerline New Media

    Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise. A powerful worship intro based on Psalm 100. Also CLICK HERE for TODAY WE THANK YOU, another great Thanksgiving worship intro!


  • Thanksgiving Scripture

    Thanksgiving Scripture
    Freebridge Media

    Taken straight from Scripture, this powerful video is a great fit for any Thanksgiving service or message series focused on thankfulness.


  • Welcome (Thanksgiving)

    Welcome (Thanksgiving)
    Freebridge Media

    This Thanksgiving, welcome people to church by letting them know they are among friends and are accepted, cared about and loved.


  • A Very Social ThanksgivingNEW

    A Very Social Thanksgiving
    Igniter Media

    A humorous reminder that our connectedness can sometimes get in the way of actually connecting. This Thanksgiving, don't be social, be social.


  • Trust Fall

    Trust Fall

    God asks us often, can you trust me fully? There are times we can not do it on our own. The real challenge is can we trust him daily for everything? If you've ever struggled with trusting Jesus, this movie is for you. Learn h ... more


  • Grace

    Skit Guys Studios

    Grace is the unmerited favour of God. In this conversation between Jesus and Peter, grace is illustrated when Jesus forgives the unforgivable.


  • The Story of Thanksgiving

    The Story of Thanksgiving
    Zebtoonz Productions

    A humorous look at the story of Thanksgiving as told by Plymouth Rock.


  • Pastor Appreciation Day

    Pastor Appreciation Day
    Remedy Media

    Tell your pastor how much you appreciate them with this awesome Mini-Movie. Enjoy!


  • Through Giving

    Through Giving
    Motion Worship

    This powerful sermon illustration demonstrates the power of giving and generosity. It speaks of how through our tithes, offerings, time & gifts, we can reach our community, embrace the lost, feed the hungry, and fulfill t ... more


  • Stuff

    Floodgate Productions

    We all carry stuff - some good, some not so good. And when we come to church, it’s easy to leave our stuff in the parking lot, then walk into the church building with a smile, as if our stuff doesn’t really exist. But what if ... more



    Beamer Films

    According to Jesus and Paul, thanksgiving is not a "One day Calender Event", but a daily and moment by moment event. Knowing that the Heavenly Father knows and is in control of all things, we ought to thank God, despite all i ... more


  • Thanksgiving

    Beamer Films

    Every good gifts come from the Lord. We have duty to be thankful to God. This video features wise sayings, quotes and Scriptures on Thanksgiving. A perfect addition for your Thanksgiving services!


  • Obstinately Thankful

    Obstinately Thankful
    Floodgate Productions

    Perfect for Thanksgiving! Gratitude isn't automatic or easy. Most of the time, we make an intentional choice to be thankful - a decision that helps us see God more clearly.


  • We Give You Thanks

    We Give You Thanks
    Centerline New Media

    Through the joy and trials, in strength and weakness, in all things we give You thanks. An energetic mini-movie for your Thanksgiving and Fall services featuring scripture from Psalm 9:1 and 2 Corinthians 12:9.


  • Give Thanks

    Give Thanks
    Centerline New Media

    Now, always, and forever give thanks to Him. An upbeat mini-movie for your Thanksgiving and Fall services featuring scripture from Colossians 3:15-17.


  • A Thank You To Pastors

    A Thank You To Pastors
    Freebridge Media

    Pastors have answered a call few people have ever received. A calling which requires a sacrifice few people have ever had to make. Take a moment and honor your Pastor for answering that call, for teaching and leading the chur ... more


  • Light

    Freebridge Media

    Jesus is The Light of the World and that light changes everything. It illuminates what’s hidden, guides our steps, leads us out of darkness and brings us life. Those who follow Him will never walk in darkness again.


  • You Are The Church

    You Are The Church
    Creative Media Solutions

    This inspiring video will fire up any church group or individual. Matt Delzell gives an exhortation that is ideal for a “Back To Church” themed service, to welcome a congregation, as a service starter or even a sermon bumper. ... more


  • Volunteer

    Motion Worship

    This powerful volunteering promo begins with scripture from Matthew 25 (the sheep and the goats), but then expands to demonstrate all of the various ways in which church volunteers serve those in need. This sermon or announce ... more


  • Thanksgiving Proclamation

    Thanksgiving Proclamation
    Worship Films

    In his Thanksgiving Proclamation, George Washington declared that November 26 was to be set aside as a day of gratitude and prayer. This video clip combines his original proclamation with historical and modern Thanksgiving s ... more


  • Thanksgiving At My House

    Thanksgiving At My House
    Flashlight Films

    Light hearted and cute. Some kids share their Thanksgiving experience.


  • Thankful

    Igniter Media

    Following the pagan psychology of this world, often we walk with the idea that we deserve more than what we have and complain about the things we wish to have but don't have. Saturated with this diabolical conception, we fail ... more


  • Life With God

    Life With God
    Dan Stevers

    The last thing Jesus came to do was start another religion. He came to show us what life in the Kingdom of God looks like. Through the cross, Jesus offers us this same kind of life - a life lived in relationship with God. Thi ... more


Sermon Illustrations - Page 2

Enhance your sermon or worship experience with a sermon illustration video. Church video clips like these help emphasize a message on any topic from grace to prayer to evangelism. Or begin your service with an inspirational sermon starter or worship intro. We have the largest selection of worship and church media around.

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