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Sermon Illustrations - Page 2

Sermon Illustrations and Church Videos

  • The Graduation Stage

    The Graduation Stage
    Skit Guys Studios

    Help your graduates remember that they are going through a “stage” and that on the other side is a world waiting to hear their voice. A great video to honor the graduates in your church services.


  • Worship Him

    Worship Him
    Hyper Pixels Media

    So many of us walk into a worship service completely distracted by the things that life throws our way. It’s imperative that we remind our people “why” we are at church. It’s imperative that we remove the focus from ourselves ... more


  • Today, We Give

    Today, We Give
    Centerline New Media

    Using scripture from Matthew 6:19-21, this reflective mini-movie is a statement from us to God expressing the heart behind why we give. It works great to set up a sermon on generosity, or to prepare for a time of giving.


  • The Purple Heart: A Memorial Day Tribute

    The Purple Heart: A Memorial Day Tribute
    Skit Guys Studios

    Those serving in our armed forces deserve honor and recognition. The Purple Heart is given to those who are injured in the line of duty and also, those who pay the ultimate price their lives. This video is a great way to hono ... more


  • A Moment of Remembrance

    A Moment of Remembrance
    Kingdom Knight Productions

    Sometimes we don't need words to express our thanks. This moving tribute to our fallen heroes features the sound of taps being played at Arlington National Cemetery and a series videos from our war memorials. Use this clip fo ... more


  • Memorial Day

    Memorial Day
    Beamer Films

    This patriotic video is about best friends who have taken it upon themselves to remember a boy’s father in a touching way. Sure to instill pride and honor of those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Perfect for Memo ... more


  • Our Mess, God's Masterpiece

    Our Mess, God's Masterpiece
    Skit Guys Studios

    It’s easy to feel like our life is a mess. It can be easy to lose hope…but change has come. Remember that Jesus overcame the world and he wants to make something beautiful out of our lives! He wants to make your life His Mast ... more


  • New

    Storyhouse Studio

    Becoming a "totally new creation" is a promise that God gave to all who believe. In this mini-movie, the message of God "making all things new" unfolds in a beautiful story of His great love for us.


  • Through Giving

    Through Giving
    Motion Worship

    This powerful sermon illustration demonstrates the power of giving and generosity. It speaks of how through our tithes, offerings, time & gifts, we can reach our community, embrace the lost, feed the hungry, and fulfill t ... more


  • Who You Are

    Who You Are
    Poppen Productions

    Who you are, what you've done, and where you've been do not determine your destiny. Only God does! A gentle reminder that we are all in the hands of God and we are not products of our past but receivers of his grace.


  • Need

    Freebridge Media

    Everywhere you go there is a need. In our cities, our nation and our world. People are struggling, addicted, broken and lost. If Jesus is the hope of the world, then His church should act as His hands and feet. It’s time for ... more


  • Welcome to Church

    Welcome to Church
    Outreach, Inc.

    The video that's changing the way people think about Church. It takes the viewer on a brief overview of the impact that the Church has had on humanity, culture and the positive influence that Church is having on society today ... more


  • I Am The Holy Spirit

    I Am The Holy Spirit
    Urban Truth Video

    A short transitional video giving clues to the viewer as to who the Holy Spirit is. A great bumper before speaking about the Holy Spirit.


  • Overcome


    Broken, divided, and corrupt, we all long for changes in our lives. Some of us struggle with powerful addictions of sinful habits. Unless they are overcome, there is no future. Astoundingly, our God and Saviour Jesus gives yo ... more


  • GO


    We were never created to be stationary. God gave us the ability to move and communicate for a reason. When Jesus established the church he intended it to be a movement, and upon his return to heaven, his final command could b ... more


  • Change The Story

    Change The Story
    Motion Worship

    This outreach-focused sermon illustration mini-movie depicts a wide variety of people struggling alone with difficult situations, with motion tracked text telling their stories. In the second half, their lives are transformed ... more


  • I Am Here To Worship You

    I Am Here To Worship You
    Freebridge Media

    What is your purpose? Why are you here? Although we are all unique, we will always have one thing in common. We were all created to worship God. There has never been a moment, where God was not worthy of our praise. As we ru ... more


  • Stressed Out

    Stressed Out
    Central Films

    Several people in stressful situations completely "lose it" as opera music plays. This video is a humorous way to identify with the things that stress us out and a great lead in to sermons about worry, peace, or anger.


  • Our Great God and King

    Our Great God and King
    Freebridge Media

    Today we celebrate the matchless worth of our God. Today we honor the Lord of all creation. Today we gather in His presence, sing His praises and exalt our great God and King!


  • Remember and Honor (Memorial Day)

    Remember and Honor (Memorial Day)
    Centerline New Media

    This mini-movie is great for your Memorial Day services and events, and serves as a way to remember the bravery and honor the sacrifice of those who paid the ultimate price while defending freedom.


  • Why We Remember The Fallen

    Why We Remember The Fallen
    Steelehouse Media Group

    One of our great responsibilities as citizens is to honor those who've sacrificed their lives for our country. On Memorial Day, we express that honor through remembrance.  Set against a stirring music score and iconic imagery ... more


  • Water: The Beauty of Baptism

    Water: The Beauty of Baptism
    Journey Box Media

    Since the beginning of time, water has been a powerful symbol of both life and destruction. This video will illustrate the beauty and the significance of joining Jesus in baptism.


  • Stuff Dads Never Say

    Stuff Dads Never Say
    Motion Worship

    This hilarious Father’s Day mini-movie features fast cut phrases that no dad would ever say (well, most dads). Accompanied by a fun soundtrack and a wide variety of situations with son, daughter and family, this video ends wi ... more


  • Selfies Or Sacrifice

    Selfies Or Sacrifice
    Skit Guys Studios

    Sacrifice or Selfies. Watch as a grandfather teaches his grandson what Memorial Day is all about.


  • Memorial Day | The Unknown Soldier

    Memorial Day | The Unknown Soldier
    Church Fuel

    Featuring a moving speech made by President Ronald Reagan for an Unknown Soldier who was laid to rest in Washington D.C on Memorial Day, 1984.John 15:13 says, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life ... more


Sermon Illustrations - Page 2

Enhance your sermon or worship experience with a sermon illustration video. Church video clips like these help emphasize a message on any topic from grace to prayer to evangelism. Or begin your service with an inspirational sermon starter or worship intro. We have the largest selection of worship and church media around.

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