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Sermon Illustrations - Page 357

Sermon Illustrations and Church Videos

  • Worm Food

    Worm Food
    5 Forty 2 Media Productions

    Man on the street interviews, asking the question: Where do you go when you die?


  • Bubbleman

    5 Forty 2 Media Productions

    A mockumentary about one man's struggle to stay safe from the world.


  • Time To Serve God

    Time To Serve God
    Lorray Design Studio

    This video dramatically illustrates the way many people give God excuse after excuse for not getting involved in serving. . . until it’s finally too late.


  • Encouragement

    Lorray Design Studio

    The promises of God are a strong source of encouragement when we face trials, uncertainly, and trouble in our lives. This video confirms that “our God will supply all our needs” in Christ Jesus.


  • An Ordinary Day

    An Ordinary Day
    Lorray Design Studio

    When Jesus returns for the church, it will be an ordinary day just like any other...but it will be an extraordinary day as well. This video reminds us of the importance of always being prepared for the imminent return of Chri ... more


  • Mother's Day (Prov 31)

    Mother's Day (Prov 31)
    Hyper Pixels Media

    This video is a beautiful way to pay tribute to Moms on Mother's Day. Its elegant design combined with the timeless scriptures of Proverbs 31 are sure to melt every mothers\' heart. The video works great as a sermon introduct ... more


  • Our God Is Worthy

    Our God Is Worthy
    Round Rock Studios

    Worship. Our God is worthy of everything we can give Him. Praise Him. Love Him. Exalt Him. This powerful video will certainly get your congregation in the mood to worship our king on Sunday morning.


  • Be Still

    Be Still
    Restoration Videos

    The water in the bottom of the Ocean is perfectly calm compared to the water on the surface which is constantly moving by waves. Christian life has the peace of God flowing at the very core of our being. Assist your congregat ... more


  • Faith Without Love

    Faith Without Love
    Restoration Videos

    The testimony of a self-absorbed Christian family is destroyed by failing to show love.


  • Trying To Fly

    Trying To Fly
    Restoration Videos

    The early attempts at flight parallel the perseverance required to successfully meet the daily challenges of the christian life.


  • Faith Without Works

    Faith Without Works
    Restoration Videos

    Need in the life of your neighbour is not a challenge to walk away, but an opportunity to witness the Love and care of God to that neighbour. A definition of true Christian living faith is true obedience to God's command- lov ... more


  • Smith Family Interview

    Smith Family Interview
    The Work of the People

    Meet the Smith family. Tommy and Kara are the proud parents of their beautiful 6-year-old Ashtyn Kay. Immediately after her birth, Ashtyn was diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome, which for Ashtyn means being fed through a tube, b ... more


  • DaVinci Code Hoax, The

    DaVinci Code Hoax, The
    Round Rock Studios

    The Da Vinci Code has now become a major motion picture. With this release comes the possibility of a lot of people being swayed in their faith due to misinformation and outright lies. The Da Vinci Code hoax is a short, pow ... more


  • I Serve (Beyond Myself)

    I Serve (Beyond Myself)
    Kairos Media, LLC

    The idea of serving doesn't necessarily sound all that exciting... but once you realize the difference that it can make in someone's life, it can give you an entirely different perspective."


  • This Hand

    This Hand
    Restoration Videos

    The hand is creatively used to depict the sinfulness of humanity, while the pierced hand of Jesus demonstrates His loving forgiveness.


  • Empty

    Restoration Videos

    This video validates the teachings of Christ as compared to other great religious leaders by illustrating His empty tomb in a way that will have your congregation applauding.


  • More Than Rubies (Proverbs 31)

    More Than Rubies (Proverbs 31)
    Kairos Media, LLC

    The wife of noble character, who can find her? (a.k.a. Proverbs 31: What woman can live up to it?) This clip takes the reading of Proverbs 31 and incorporates it with modern day images of wives and mothers in action, honorin ... more


  • Impossible

    Expio Productions

    “Impossible” deals with the tendency of human beings to \'put God in a box\' and limit His power by the walls of impossibilities they build up around themselves. If we simply break down our walls we can find out that \'nothi ... more


  • Why Tithe?

    Why Tithe?
    Tri-viD Productions

    Experience makes things perfect. Here is an account of how a man climbed up the business ladder by tithing to God, faithfully, when he was financially weak. What a testimony! As an evidence to his testimony, this video is fil ... more


  • Battle: Armor of God

    Battle: Armor of God
    Grace in Media

    This action packed clip shows the consequences and benefits of the Full Armor of God. Ephesians 6:10-18 will come alive in this dramatic video.


  • A Man's Hands

    A Man's Hands
    Veracity Project, The

    You can tell a lot by a man's hands. How he works. How he plays. His past. His future. His purpose. This short video culminates with a powerful image of the hands that changed the world.


  • Battle of the Mind

    Battle of the Mind
    Rumph, Tyler

    This video is a short dramatic vignette illustrating spiritual warfare.


  • A Brother's Rebuke

    A Brother's Rebuke
    Baked Pickles

    Sometimes it is easier to pass judgment on others as opposed to looking at our own lives and finding faults. This humorous videos is a great start to your sermon or discussion about judging others.


  • Evangelism Gone Bad

    Evangelism Gone Bad
    Transfer the Power

    There are good ways to evangelize, and there are bad ways. Watch as a young man attempts to share about God with a fellow student on his campus only to be continuously interrupted by a cell phone until he just can't take it a ... more


  • At the Cross

    At the Cross
    Worship Films

    There\'s only one place we need to go to meet all of our needs... the Cross.


Sermon Illustrations - Page 357

Enhance your sermon or worship experience with a sermon illustration video. Church video clips like these help emphasize a message on any topic from grace to prayer to evangelism. Or begin your service with an inspirational sermon starter or worship intro. We have the largest selection of worship and church media around.

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