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Sermon Illustrations - Page 371

Sermon Illustrations and Church Videos

  • Incarnation

    Flashlight Films

    A modern-day look at Jesus\' motivation for saving mankind.


  • Unseen World, The

    Unseen World, The
    Baked Pickles

    In our age, evil spirits, witches and demons have come to be celebrated. Many have come to regard the evil world as mere myth or superstition. But the truth is, Satan and his power are very real...but so is the Lord... and v ... more


  • Worship Objects

    Worship Objects
    Floodgate Productions

    Basic questions about worship: What is the object of worship? when you are worshiping? Do you worship things of the world, or do you worship the Living God who has given you all these gifts? It is easy to shift our focus fro ... more


  • Are You Equipped #1

    Are You Equipped #1
    Transfer the Power

    This funny video uses helps ask a very important question about spiritual gifts... Are you equipped to perform the job you are doing? The image of a skydiver jumping out of an airplane with no parachute illustrates what may ... more


  • Fact, Faith, Feeling

    Fact, Faith, Feeling
    Transfer the Power

    Understanding the differences between Faith, Facts, and Feelings are critical when discussing Christ with others. This very funny video perfectly reveals how these words differ and opens up the topic of evangelism.Check out ... more


  • Victory

    Transfer the Power

    This fast paced, flashback filled video defines the role the Holy Spirit plays in every Christians life. Without Him, we have no power...no energy...no victory ...DUDE! Check out the Victory supplementary video 'here'


  • Empowerment

    Transfer the Power

    This hilarious hillbilly couple illustrates that there is more to our spiritual life than having the Holy Spirit dwell within us. Real victory happens when we turn on the power.Check out the Empowerment supplementary video h ... more


  • Vase, The

    Vase, The
    Reel Home Productions

    "The Vase" is a simple illustration of God's ability to restore our broken lives while living in a dark world. This moving short is a great discussion starter ans is abstract enough to allow for several topical tie-ins.


  • Throne

    Transfer the Power

    Built on an illustration of the Four Spiritual Laws, watch as a young man foolishly carries around his own throne. A humorous video that effectively portrays that lives controlled by self ultimately end in devastation. ... more


  • Be Thankful

    Be Thankful
    Baked Pickles

    Watch this funny portrayal of a few different folks as they forget to be thankful, yet enjoy a most comfortable lifestyle. Great video for the Thanksgiving season.


  • Evangelism Linebacker: No Excuses

    Evangelism Linebacker: No Excuses
    Transfer the Power

    The Linebacker is back with some of his best stuff yet! Check out . . . THE ME LINE BACKER. Click here to see The Me Linebacker Clip! THE DISCIPLESHIP LINE BACKER Click here to check out the Discipleship Linebacker! FOO ... more


  • I Belong

    I Belong
    Transfer the Power

    Does your congregation feel like they belong? Do they know what it is like to have friends within the church? This illustration provides the viewer with the feeling that you are glad that they are there.Check out the I Belo ... more


  • Forgive Yourself

    Forgive Yourself
    Transfer the Power

    Many times forgiving those who have hurt us is easier than forgiving ourselves. Hear how a woman who had been raped gained the ability of forgiving herself as she sought Jesus Christ.Check out the Forgive Yourself supplement ... more


  • Forgiven by God

    Forgiven by God
    Transfer the Power

    Sin is a tremendous burden in our lives. Watch as a woman weighed down with fear, loneliness, and shame discovers a dramatic freedom through forgiveness. She exchanges ME for being FREE in Christ.Check out the Forgiven By G ... more


  • What do You Worship?

    What do You Worship?
    Kramer, Robert

    Today's video generation is flooded with information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Video games, television, DVD's, the internet. With religious fervor, we watch, impatient and eager to hear and see the next message. What ... more


  • Virtual Family

    Virtual Family
    Quick Flick Ministries

    The latest gadget to solve family problems is now here! Just put it on and any and all negative words are translated into phrases that edify your family. Don't worry about negative body language. We have a solution for tha ... more


  • State of the Church

    State of the Church
    Veracity Project, The

    Who goes to church and who doesn't and why? Have you seen the latest statistics? This video will wake up your congregation to see just how much Jesus needs to be proclaimed in America.


  • Reconciliation

    Genesis Video Productions

    This video tells the story of a young, recently married couple whose relationship dies and leads to separation. Plagued by bad choices with drugs and alcohol, the husband bounces in and out of jail for 9 years. Then he hear ... more


  • When You Don't Get Along

    When You Don't Get Along
    People's Church

    "A divided house cannot stand", said Jesus. But in Christ reconciliation overcomes the division and brings resolution to conflicts. In an ideal world, everyone should get along. But reality is this: even in the church there a ... more


  • Not Ashamed

    Not Ashamed
    Baked Pickles

    When we are called to witness to others about Jesus, we often shrink away from even saying His name. Has this ever happened to you?Be sure to check out the other videos in this series:NOT ASHAMED: KNOW YOUR FAITH and NOT ASH ... more


  • Feed Me

    Feed Me

    Summary: This cartoon gives a comedic display of the concept of feeding the flesh. After a while, the flesh takes over. It is only through faith can we overcome our desires and weakness of our flesh. (Length: 2:13) Key Vers ... more


  • Body Episode 1, The

    Body Episode 1, The

    Summary: This comedic video highlights the church's need for talents from all walks of life. Every volunteer, every effort made by church members is important and should be appreciated by all (Length 2:01). Key Verse: "For ... more


  • Remember 9/11

    Remember 9/11

    As the tragedy of 9/11 unfolded, everday heroes - though exhausted and mourning the loss of friends - demonstrated to the world true dedication, value for life, and selflessness.


  • Then and Now

    Then and Now
    Antioch Christian Church

    Times have definitely changed. Life is faster, more complex, and more technical today. The big question is, how have these changes affected our relationship with the Lord?


  • You Reap What You Sow

    You Reap What You Sow
    Ted Jordan Productions

    Remember the cats in the cradle? This film is a bittersweet drama about a son growing up with a workaholic dad. Dad is always busy. Is it any wonder that once the son is grown and gone, he has no time for dad? Produced by Ted ... more


Sermon Illustrations - Page 371

Enhance your sermon or worship experience with a sermon illustration video. Church video clips like these help emphasize a message on any topic from grace to prayer to evangelism. Or begin your service with an inspirational sermon starter or worship intro. We have the largest selection of worship and church media around.

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