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  • New

    Storyhouse Studio

    Becoming a "totally new creation" is a promise that God gave to all who believe. In this mini-movie, the message of God "making all things new" unfolds in a beautiful story of His great love for us.


  • Join A Group Today

    Join A Group Today
    Hyper Pixels Media

    Healthy churches grow larger and smaller at the same time. They grow larger (numerically) in corporate worship, but also smaller as members connect through small groups. It’s easy for new members to get “lost in the crowd” an ... more


  • Kids Will Move Mountains

    Kids Will Move Mountains

    This video piece was created to be a message opener, transition video, or illustration video that shares the wonder of a child's purpose and possibility. Perfect for a baptism, weekend service, or parent child dedication, thi ... more


  • Graffiti Worship Intro

    Graffiti Worship Intro
    Poppen Productions

    A unique and uplifting welcome and introduction to worship. An invitation to offer praise to God and to glorify His name using hints from Psalms 48 & 136.


  • Welcome Mat Countdown
    Big Pie Publishing

    Put out the welcome mat with this creative, upbeat countdown! Driving, music and colorful, time lapsed artwork are sure to draw people to their seats with hearts ready to worship. It's a great way to welcome people back to ch ... more

    $18.00 $10.00

  • Are You Ready Worship Intro

    Are You Ready Worship Intro
    Motion Worship

    Great as an opener for services, youth events and conferences, this high energy worship introduction mini-movie is perfect to gather & prepare people to praise God with passion! Features vibrant silhouettes of worshipers ... more


  • Love your Enemy

    Love your Enemy
    Sermon Supply

    Jesus could have said to create peace with our enemy, but he doesn’t. He told us to love our enemy. Sami Awad, a Christian Palestinian shares what it looks like to actually follow Jesus’ challenging words while living in on ... more


  • Every Day Should be Mother's Day
    The Harvest

    Home is defined by the people, and we are always keenly aware of someone's absence. This touching video tells the story of a daughter surprising her mother by unknowingly showing up at a family gathering.

    $15.00 $9.99

  • John Three Sixteen

    John Three Sixteen

    John 3:16 is a favorite passage for many people. This video goes into some detail in explaining the passage. Using a whiteboard and music background will keep the attention of your audience.


  • Welcome Hands

    Welcome Hands

    This “Welcome Hands” video is a great introduction to the church services. It tells the audience who you are welcoming and a little about your church. Background music is included.


  • Welcome Lights1

    Welcome Lights1

    "Spiral Lights" is great for music text, background for your text.


  • Dad Life in 60 Seconds (Father's Day)

    Dad Life in 60 Seconds (Father's Day)

    We created this animated video to celebrate everything dads do for their spouse, their kids, and their church. In sixty seconds, we throw out every aspect of dad life that we could think of; this is truly "Dad Life in Sixty S ... more


  • Men Make Mountain Movers (Father's Day)

    Men Make Mountain Movers (Father's Day)

    This video piece was created to be a message opener, transition video, or illustration video that shares the wonder of a child's purpose and possibility. Designed specifically for Father's Day, this video shares from 1st Samu ... more


  • MOM-WOW! Mother's Day

    MOM-WOW! Mother's Day
    Poppen Productions

    A gentle tribute to Mothers for all they've done, especially sharing their faith. For everything they do we can simply say, "WOW!"


  • Moms Make Mountain Movers

    Moms Make Mountain Movers

    This video piece was created to be a message opener, transition video, or illustration video that shares the wonder of a child's purpose and possibility. Designed specifically for Mother's Day, this video shares from 1st Samu ... more


  • I Pledge Allegiance

    I Pledge Allegiance

    This video is the perfect opener, or transition element, for a message about Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or voting on Election Day. Also useful for the Fourth of July, this piece depicts the need to support our troops, pray f ... more


  • Moment One - Lamentations 3:23

    Moment One - Lamentations 3:23

    This short video moment features scripture found in Lamentations 3:23. Sweeping above a silhouette tree line up into a sunset, its driving music ensures that wonder and curiosity lead the audience to anxiously await what's ne ... more


  • We Are….Christian culture intro/outro

    We Are….Christian culture intro/outro

    This mini movie is a great intro or outro and expresses who we are as a culture following Jesus. It walks through the following things that we do as a church/Christian Culture with an explanation of each to encourage us as w ... more


  • Picture Perfect Family

    Picture Perfect Family

    A collection of multiracial families playing together and being joyful and loving. A great sermon series intro video or a promotional piece for family groups.


  • Always Welcome
    Big Pie Publishing

    Set a positive, inviting tone for your service with this creative, upbeat welcome video. It features the same colorful artwork that appears in our Welcome Mat Countdown and includes narration that follows the progression of ... more

    $18.00 $10.00

  • Welcome to Planet Earth

    Welcome to Planet Earth
    Bright Box Media

    In the past century, inventions have completely changed the way we live. But in the midst of this new age, in the midst of all these countless incredible creations...Will you stay in love with your Creator?


  • Bible Character New Year's Resolutions

    Bible Character New Year's Resolutions
    Building Worship

    What if people in the Bible made New Year's Resolutions? How would life have been different for them? How does that effect us? This video is designed to encourage people to set better priorities in their Christian faith for t ... more


  • Autumn Prayer

    Autumn Prayer
    Oneness Videos

    Seasons pass, but God is always in control in every season. Let’s this prayer video help you pray your way through this season in your life.


  • Fireworks Welcome

    Fireworks Welcome

    This video features graphic fireworks with sound effects spelling out "Welcome". Good for holiday's to start the service.


  • A Simple Welcome

    A Simple Welcome

    This is a simple "Welcome" inviting people to church. It includes music.


Sermon Illustrations

Enhance your sermon or worship experience with a sermon illustration video. Church video clips like these help emphasize a message on any topic from grace to prayer to evangelism. Or begin your service with an inspirational sermon starter or worship intro. We have the largest selection of worship and church media around.

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