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Sermon Illustrations

Worship Intros

  • GO

    We were never created to be stationary. God gave us the ability to move and communicate for a reason. When Jesus established the church he intended it to be a movement, and upon his return to heaven, his final command could b ... more

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  • Preparing For Lent

    Preparing For Lent
    Hyper Pixels Media

    Lent is a time of prayer, repentance, giving, and self-denial. As Jesus spent 40 days in the desert (Matthew 4:1-11), where He endured temptation by the devil, we follow his example during the season of lent where we deny sel ... more


  • Deeper

    Sermon Supply

    God’s love calls us away from the shore, into the unknown, into His grand plan for our lives.


  • New Here - Worship Intro

    New Here - Worship Intro
    Pink Goose Media

    This is a worship intro video that specifically speaks to new visitors. It tells about who this church is and has an emphasis on the church being the people inside. In this church, you’ll find true belonging and purpose in th ... more


  • The Language of Love

    The Language of Love
    70x7 Media

    The are many languages in the world. God speaks one language that everyone understands.


  • Nicodemus

    Skit Guys Studios

    He was a Pharisee, but one that wanted to hear what Jesus had to say. Watch as Nicodemus retells the conversation with Christ that helped him focus on how less really could be more.


  • You Are Loved

    You Are Loved
    Now i See Media

    Your worth and value to God are demonstrated by the glorious riches of His grace in sending Jesus Christ to be our redeemer, rescuing us from our sin. We cannot earn God's love by performing better, it is given freely to us ... more


  • How Great Is Our God

    How Great Is Our God
    Now i See Media

    Isaiah asks the question..."who has measured the heavens with the span of his hand?" Only God can answer yes to this question. Using the history of the NASA Voyager space program this illustration shows us how small we real ... more


  • Come to the Table

    Come to the Table
    Poppen Productions

    Introduction and invitation to Communion. We are all invited to His table. Yet as we come, we need to acknowledge our weakness and embrace his sacrifice.


  • Bring It

    Bring It
    1529 Productions

    God has blessed us with spiritual gifts that we can use to spread His Word. Just as a member of a team, each of us play an important role. This sermon opener uses the analogy of football and a challenge to "Bring It" to the g ... more


  • Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven

    Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven

    Everyone wants to go to Heaven. Right. But how do you get there? We all are going to die, someday. This video explains the way. Music background is included.


  • Your Past

    Your Past
    Now i See Media

    Many people obsessively focus on the mistakes of their past. When it comes to our sin, God has provided forgiveness through his grace. This illustration helps us understand that God's grace not only takes care of our past, ... more


  • Every Sunday

    Every Sunday
    Now i See Media

    Every Sunday people gather together and offer praise to their football team. They freely cheer, clap their hands, and shout for joy without being prompted to do so. This video encourages us that our praise of God should exc ... more


  • So Lets Praise Him

    So Lets Praise Him
    Nathanael James

    This worship intro will help stir your congregation to praise the Awesome, Living, Saving God.


  • Psalm 51NEW

    Psalm 51
    Poppen Productions

    Just as David pleaded for forgiveness, we too, need to seek God's grace. Psalm 51 gives us the words we need to confess our brokenness and our desire to be renewed by God's Spirit.


  • Proverbs - Seeking Wisdom

    Proverbs tells us that those who seek wisdom will find it. This video illustrates the search for wisdom, set to verses from Proverbs.

    $15.00 $9.00

  • Adopted By God

    Adopted By God
    70x7 Media

    God uses the adoption throughout scripture to illustrate our relationship with Him.


  • Our Generous God

    Our Generous God
    70x7 Media

    What do you have the God hasn't given you? Everything good in your life comes from Him.


  • Who You Are

    Who You Are
    Poppen Productions

    Who you are, what you've done, and where you've been do not determine your destiny. Only God does! A gentle reminder that we are all in the hands of God and we are not products of our past but receivers of his grace.


  • Autumn Prayer

    Autumn Prayer
    Oneness Videos

    Seasons pass, but God is always in control in every season. Let’s this prayer video help you pray your way through this season in your life.


  • Paul's Letters - The Armor Of God

    Paul's Letters - The Armor Of God

    Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God,so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, agains ... more


  • Generous - The Heart Of A Disciple

    Generous - The Heart Of A Disciple

    You and I as followers of Christ will be generous people to the extent we are transformed by and live in light of what God has done for us in the radical generosity of Christ crucified. We should be so blown away by God’s ra ... more


  • Fostered


    A great video for Orphan Sunday! ”Fostered" gives the unique perspective of what life is like growing up in foster care, celebrates individuals that serve kids in care, and inspires to draw strength from a foster kid named Je ... more


  • Dream Again

    Dream Again

    Without a dream, we wander aimlessly through life, and we threaten the fulfillment of our God-given purpose. It is so important to God that we live our lives as dreamers, but too often, we allow wrong views of life, self, and ... more


  • Child Like Faith

    Child Like Faith

    This touching mini-movie reflects on the words of Jesus in Mark 10:15 about all us of needed childlike faith. It leads us to ask ourselves: what does this look like in my life? And to remember that without Him we can do nothi ... more


Sermon Illustrations

Enhance your sermon or worship experience with a sermon illustration video. Church video clips like these help emphasize a message on any topic from grace to prayer to evangelism. Or begin your service with an inspirational sermon starter or worship intro. We have the largest selection of worship and church media around.

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