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Worship Tracks

Hymn Worship Tracks

  • A Patriot's Poem

    A Patriot's Poem

    A poem about the American flag and the state of the country. We need God in America again.


  • Pre-Service Video Package

    Pre-Service Video Package

    A collection of 4 christian music videos sold together at a discount! Buy 2 get 2 free!


  • There Is A River

    There Is A River

    "There Is A River" is a great song for worship service. Text is on the screen in-sync with music.


  • Take the world, but give me Jesus

    Take the world, but give me Jesus

    Artist Joshua Noom paints creates a speed painting of Jesus in less than 25 minutes, set to the the song "Take the world but give me Jesus" by Ascend the Hill. Shot and edited by DNA Productions. www.theartworkofjoshuanoom.c ... more


Worship Tracks

Prepare for worship with worship song tracks for today’s popular hymns and contemporary worship songs. Get worship videos with lyrics that will give you professional quality instrumentals, vocals, and visuals so you can have a powerful worship service.

Featured Church Media

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