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Fellowship Bible Church

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  • Get Service

    Get Service
    Fellowship Bible Church

    One of the major problems we face is that we are too much occupied by ourselves to the extent we can't be sensitive to the needs of others. Here is an example of an young man frustrated that no one looks out for him until he ... more


  • The Bite

    The Bite
    Fellowship Bible Church

    Each person faces their own temptations, but does one person giving in really impact others? Inspired by Genesis chapter 3, this dramatic video sets the infamous “bite” into the context of modern life and poses the question, ... more


  • Decisions, Decisions...

    Decisions, Decisions...
    Fellowship Bible Church

    Life bombards us with questions, from the simple to the life-changing.


  • What If...

    What If...
    Fellowship Bible Church

    What are the things in our lives that God may want from us? What if He actually asks for them? Wit and edge drive video that poses these tough questions.


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