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  • Being a Dad

    Being a Dad
    Storytelling Pictures, LLC

    What is it about being a dad? From the enthusiasm of having your first child to the trusted wisdom of a grandfather, this video answers that question. Ultimately, it demonstrates that our most important calling is demonstr ... more


  • The Burden

    The Burden
    Storytelling Pictures, LLC

    We all have burdens. But the real burden is sin. From this stems all other problems. And sin separates us from God. This video demonstrates metaphorically how we unnecessarily carry the burden of sin when Jesus Christ is ... more


  • Return to Me

    Return to Me
    Storytelling Pictures, LLC

    A compelling video that symbolically demonstrates the devastation of allowing the circumstances of life to seem more real than the promises of God -- replacing faith with self-reliance. God is still faithful, remains ... and ... more


  • The Power of the Tongue

    The Power of the Tongue
    Storytelling Pictures, LLC

    A deceptive heart and an un-reflective mind, corroborating un-tamed tongue is an explosive combination for the destruction of lives. This animation presents a simple approach toward the words we use and their impact on others ... more


  • Dear Mom

    Dear Mom
    Storytelling Pictures, LLC

    Encourage the women in your church with this short film that recognizes the impact of a mother on the life of a child - even adult children. It touches on a spirit of genuine love and gratitude expressed through a single han ... more


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