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Doulos Multimedia

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  • Storm, The

    Storm, The
    Doulos Multimedia

    Four sailors recall the night they almost drowned. A creative retelling of Jesus' power over the storms in our life.


  • No More Tithing

    No More Tithing
    Doulos Multimedia

    There are many creative ways to extract the tithing, if the members feel overburdened to give voluntarily. God loves a cheerful giver. Wouldn't church be great if we just got rid of the tithing? This video takes a humorous l ... more


  • Go For Broke

    Go For Broke
    Doulos Multimedia

    Reflect now if you don't want to regret later. Make Christ as your Lord and Financial Adviser, he will surely guide you to a happy ending. None knows more than Jesus. Above all it is free. Introduce this funny video before a ... more


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