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Motion Design Media

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  • State of Our Culture

    State of Our Culture
    Motion Design Media

    The State of Our Culture is a remake of our popular animated video with updated stats about property crimes, violent crimes, incarceration rates, pornography and alcohol addiction, divorce rates, poverty rates, STD\'s, aborti ... more


  • I Remember

    I Remember
    Motion Design Media

    I Promise is an illustrated poem written by Kyle Bradley and narrated by Phill Grooms that starts by dealing with depression and suffering, then dramatically turns to view the freedom that comes from a relationship with God. ... more


  • The Ten Commandments

    The Ten Commandments
    Motion Design Media

    A creative presentation of the Ten Commandments.


  • Jesus, God and Man

    Jesus, God and Man
    Motion Design Media

    This video by Motion Design Media contrasts the paradox between Jesus being fully God and fully Man by highlighting His characteristics, attributes, and actions.


  • The Faithfulness of God

    The Faithfulness of God
    Motion Design Media

    This video by Motion Design Media shows scriptures that give evidence of God's faithfulness in our lives. Great as an element in a worship set or as a pre-message video.


  • Priorities

    Motion Design Media

    What should be the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly priorities of a Christian? This video gives a few scriptures for Christ-followers to consider as they plan for a new year or begin to think about making God a priority in life.


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