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Lightning Strikes

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  • Confessional Booth

    Confessional Booth
    Lightning Strikes

    Perhaps nothing is more powerful and healing than an apology. Writer/director Dan Merchant spent a day inside of a confessional booth set up at a gay pride festival confessing his own sins and the sins of the church against t ... more


  • Roger's Story

    Roger's Story
    Lightning Strikes

    Tony Campolo tells a heartbreaking story from his high school days in West Philadelphia, about a homosexual classmate who was outed and publicly ridiculed until he was pushed beyond the breaking point. A clip from the documen ... more


  • What Are Christians Known For?

    What Are Christians Known For?
    Lightning Strikes

    What impression does America have of Christians? Find out as filmmaker Dan Merchant, dressed as Bumpersticker Man, hits the streets to ask anyone willing to talk. This is a clip from the documentary Lord, Save Us From Your F ... more


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