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Josh Henning

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  • Messiah: Meaning vs. Marketing

    Messiah: Meaning vs. Marketing
    Josh Henning

    Jay thinks he knows the meaning of Christmas. So when his pastor asks him for advice, Jay's happy to give it. Watch as Jay illustrates how little he knows about the true meaning of Christmas. A funny, lighthearted introducti ... more


  • God(s)

    Josh Henning

    A no holds barred look at the modern face of idolatry. Modern Gods can be money, hobbies, and even romantic relationships.


  • The Devil on Busyness

    The Devil on Busyness
    Josh Henning

    In the vein of the Screwtape Letters, this no holds barred illustration describes what the Devil thinks of all our ceaseless work-- and why he approves.


  • Relevant

    Josh Henning

    A serious look at how Christ and Christianity have lost relevance in modern culture. Designed to re-engage your congregation with the true heart of Christ.


  • A good guy?

    A good guy?
    Josh Henning

    Can Jesus just be a good guy? This video elegantly introduces the concept of Liar, Lunatic or Lord in reference to Jesus and his divinity. The perfect introduction to Jesus as the center of Christianity.


  • Shadowboxing Perseverance

    Shadowboxing Perseverance
    Josh Henning

    Moving analogy about boxing's similarities to the Christian walk. Perseverance through the trial is what it takes to get through the tough times. Reference: Rom 5:3-5


  • Isaiah's Communion- Family Friendly Version

    Isaiah's Communion- Family Friendly Version
    Josh Henning

    A fresh look at Communion, sacrifice, and Christ through the eyes of Isaiah. Based on Isaiah's prophecy of Jesus' death in Isaiah 53, this illustration moves from the prophet to the Passion, and finally to your parishioners. ... more


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