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4 Products

  • The Cross Our Hope

    The Cross Our Hope
    Elyon Enterprises

    A beautiful scene of the cross standing in darkness and fog while the sun, piercing through the fog, illuminates the cross. It is a picture of hope even in dark times. Perfect as a background for worship or sermon.


  • The Cross Our Peace

    The Cross Our Peace
    Elyon Enterprises

    A beautiful scene with the cross under a rainy sky as drops of rain fall onto virtual lens and slow slide down screen. A picture of peace the cross brings during times of rain. Perfect background for worship or sermon.


  • Crosses

    Elyon Enterprises

    A picture of 3 crosses and the face of Jesus seen in the sky background with moving clouds. Can be looped for worship songs.


  • Persecution Awareness

    Persecution Awareness
    Elyon Enterprises

    Eight Christians working in a North Korean prison factory died instantly when molten iron was poured onto them, one by one, for refusing to deny their faith. Two pastors were shot dead while preaching. Believers across the gl ... more


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