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  • Pastel Creation Countdown

    Pastel Creation Countdown
    Wolfpack Productions

    Want to catch the eye of your church? Use this countdown to bring together everyone's attention! The bright colors and fun growing background will be appealing to all ages! As the clock counts down from five minutes a moderat ... more


  • Glass Countdown

    Glass Countdown
    Wolfpack Productions

    Great for youth groups! As the clock counts down from five minutes glass-like pannels fly bye, drawing attention to its viewers. With a mix between worship and rock, the catchy music plays in the background. Perfect for drawi ... more


  • Are You Ready? Countdown

    Are You Ready? Countdown
    Wolfpack Productions

    Are you ready for worship? This five minute coundown will get the crowd hyped up to praise! In front of a very stylish modern youth themed background, the clock counts down to some very catchy music that will get your church ... more


  • Christ Cross Countdown Three

    Christ Cross Countdown Three
    Wolfpack Productions

    The third instalment of the Christ Cross countdown series. This five minute countdown depicts the siloet of three crosses with inspireing worshipful music playing in the background. As the clock counts down from five minutes ... more


  • Landmark Countdown Two

    Landmark Countdown Two
    Wolfpack Productions

    This is the Second installment in a series of countdowns focusing on this Earth that God has created and all of its famous landmarks. This five minute countdown depicts many of the world’s most widely known landmarks. Landmar ... more


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