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  • Seek Truth

    Seek Truth
    Day One Productions

    Our founding fathers, present day Americans and Jesus Christ all have differing opinions on the subject of truth. This film will encourage your congregation to seek the truth this Easter season.


  • Nobody's Perfect

    Nobody's Perfect
    Day One Productions

    There is only One that is truly perfect. In this film watch our hero aim for perfection... at the gas pump. Hint: He’s not a happy pumper. Film is ‘perfect’ for presenting our need for Christ. Also excellent as a welcome vide ... more


  • A Miracle? (Christmas Edition)

    A Miracle? (Christmas Edition)
    Day One Productions

    Quick, funny and meaningful, this film puts the divinity of Christ into proper perspective. This is perfect to open up a service or to transition between service elements. What we call the miraculous is dwarfed by what God h ... more


  • The Box

    The Box
    Day One Productions

    What could be a greater topic than simple faith? In this film, watch our hero struggle ridiculously to open a simple music box. How ridiculous? (Here’s a clue: He's not afraid of explosives.)


  • Invitation Gone Wrong

    Invitation Gone Wrong
    Day One Productions

    An employee's office coworkers decide to step out in faith and invite him to church. Unfortunately the only stepping they do is around the issue. Can you say awkward? A lesson in evangelism. Not really.


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