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  • Testimony of Deliverance and Healing

    Testimony of Deliverance and Healing
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    Testimony of a former prison inmate restored by Christ. After accepting Christ's love and forgiveness, he experiences physical healing of crohn's disease and chronic hepatitis C. He also experiences deliverance from alcohol, ... more



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    two teenagers tell their stories of accepting Christ, and the impact it had on their friends and family. Both videos were featured at this year's battle cry restoration.


  • TESTIMONY YOUTH (artistic)

    TESTIMONY YOUTH (artistic)
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    Jessica tells her testimony of her acceptance to Christ. She also explains of the fruit that grew after in her life. This video was featured last year at Battle Cry Restoration.


  • Youth Testimony (artistic)

    Youth Testimony (artistic)
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    James tells how he came to know Jesus, and how he was raised in a home with hardships and abuse. One week he decides to run away from home. During that week a friend invites him to church, and there he accepts Jesus', and hi ... more


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