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Kyle Squared

8 Products

  • 9/11 Countdown

    9/11 Countdown
    Kyle Squared

    A countdown to begin a service remembering 9/11.


  • Isaiah 53

    Isaiah 53
    Kyle Squared

    A dramatic reading of Isaiah 53: 1-12. A great way to open a worship service or use as an introduction to the message.


  • Reach Our City

    Reach Our City
    Kyle Squared

    This is a great video to encourage people to reach out to their town or city. Can be used during an evangelism series, a vision Sunday, or as a worship opener. Great for starting conversation between people.


  • Audio Meter Loop

    Audio Meter Loop
    Kyle Squared

    This seamless background loop is perfect for a high energy event or service. Also notice the Audio Meter countdown to supplement this background.


  • Fall Leaves Loop

    Fall Leaves Loop
    Kyle Squared

    Fall leaves slowly fall in this 15 second seamless loop. Great for a worship background or transitional time. See also the Fall Leaves 5 minute countdown.


  • Question Mark Countdown

    Question Mark Countdown
    Kyle Squared

    This question mark countdown is great for a series dealing with questions or tough topics. See also the question mark loop.


  • Question Mark Loop

    Question Mark Loop
    Kyle Squared

    This seamlessly looping background is great for a series or message dealing with questions or tough topics. See also the question mark countdown.


  • Hearts Loop

    Hearts Loop
    Kyle Squared

    A seamlessly looping background that's perfect for Valentines Day, a message series on love, or relationships.


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