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Jody Vaughn

3 Products

  • Not What You Expected

    Not What You Expected
    Jody Vaughn

    Sometimes life throws things at us that we simply did not expect. This is a humorous look at those times in life when our expectations and the results don't quite match up.


  • Power of One

    Power of One
    Jody Vaughn

    Throughout history we have seen what can happen when one person stands up for what they believe. People have been set free, cultures have changed course, and history changed forever, when singles individuals took the courage ... more


  • Lost (Scripture)

    Lost (Scripture)
    Jody Vaughn

    Jesus said that he, the Son of Man, came to seek and save the lost. He then commanded us with the same commission to complete while we are here on earth. This video brings some of those scriptures to mind, and reminds us of ... more


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