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Sherman Productions

4 Products

  • He Is Risen!

    He Is Risen!
    Sherman Productions

    Illustration going through the brutal death of Jesus. Highlights the suffering He went through for our redemption. But it doesn't end there, Jesus is alive! Leave your audience emotional and inspired.


  • Romans Road countdown

    Romans Road countdown
    Sherman Productions

    Countdown going through the "Romans Road." Several verses highlighting how sin separates us from God, but how we can be reconciled to Him. Great verses to commit to memory. Modern music with tranquil visuals.


  • Bubbly Countdown

    Bubbly Countdown
    Sherman Productions

    5 minute countdown. Glowing particles almost looking like sparkling cider. Upbeat music to create an uplifting mood.


  • Only One God Countdown

    Only One God Countdown
    Sherman Productions

    Verses highlighting there is only one God. Awesome verses to commit to memory. Start your service with a great reminder we serve a God unmatched by anything!


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