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Sean Daigle

7 Products

  • Jesus from A to Z

    Jesus from A to Z
    Sean Daigle

    Every name of Jesus in Scripture unfolds to a voiceover and dramatic music. The name of Jesus is revealed at the end as the grand design. Great for any and every sermon centered around Jesus.


  • Veteran's Day Tribute - The Fight for Freedom

    Veteran's Day Tribute - The Fight for Freedom
    Sean Daigle

    Recognize the veterans in your church and around the world with this special tribute explaining our appreciation for them.   Today we honor those who serve our country. Because we understand that freedom is never free. We hon ... more


  • Soft Bubbles_Blue

    Soft Bubbles_Blue
    Sean Daigle

    Bubbles float upwards gently in a fluid atmosphere. Glowing particles disrupt the calm feeling and bring about a sense of chaos. Perfect accent to your worship service!


  • The Heart

    The Heart
    Sean Daigle

    Get both installments of "The Heart" for one discounted price (normally a $26 value).


  • The Heart: Part 2

    The Heart: Part 2
    Sean Daigle

    Part 2 in "The Heart" installment relates the physical role our heart plays in our body to our job in the church. Great motivation to get your church to have the same heartbeat as God! Be sure to check out PART 1!


  • The Heart: Part 1

    The Heart: Part 1
    Sean Daigle

    This video shows us extremely important role our heart plays in our body. An awesome illustration to show the importance of having a healthy heart. Be sure to check out PART 2!


  • Fog Particles (Orange)

    Fog Particles (Orange)
    Sean Daigle

    Gentle particles flow from left to right with a subtle moving fog lower third. Perfect as a worship or message background. CLICK HERE to save big with the Fog Particles Bundle!


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