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Flying Treasure

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  • Typewriter - The Word

    Typewriter - The Word
    Flying Treasure

    Typewriters have PUNCH! The moment you type, words exist on the page. It's the same with the Word of God. He spoke and things existed. God wrote down that Word, his words that have punch, for us.


  • Typewriter - Overconnected

    Typewriter - Overconnected
    Flying Treasure

    A typewriter symbolizes a thing of the past. Sometimes we need to remember the old ways, of the time before our over-connectedness, of a time when words were actually written on a page and THE WORD was spoken. Slow down a ... more


  • Kid in the Street

    Kid in the Street
    Flying Treasure

    Sometimes what a person believes doesn't line up with how you live.  When that is expressed the word "judging" can often be applied.


  • Encounter

    Flying Treasure

    A short video about our desire to encounter God. It's not always the easiest path, there tends to be struggles along the way. But if we continue to pursue, if we persevere, and finish the good race, what a great encounter w ... more


  • Children's Ministry Promotional Video

    Children's Ministry Promotional Video
    Flying Treasure

    This video is a promotional video to help raise workers in the children's ministry. At the end of the video there is a section a black to add your own church info about promoting for children's ministry in your own video mak ... more


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