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  • Independence day

    Independence day

    magine. If the pilgrims had never sailed. Or Thomas Jefferson hadn't written that declaration. Imagine If the founding fathers had not cast their vision and seen it threw… but the good news is, they DID and because of that, w ... more


  • Whats your God

    Whats your God

    Capture attention with this powerful short film and spark thought and prick audiences spirits. What is your God?


  • Your Light

    Your Light

    When A young girl learns that she, as a Christian, should shine the good news of Christ in the world, things don't go as planned. This quirky, humorous film is sure to engage, humor and get your audience, thinking!


  • Reciting Deuteronomy

    Reciting Deuteronomy

    A Fun, sweet and interesting recitation of DEUTERONOMY 6:4-9.


  • Start Over

    Start Over

    We make mistakes and fall short of the mark that Christ has set for us. But through Jesus, we can be forgiven of our sins and start fresh! Which is the Message of the resurrection of Christ.


  • Psalm 103:8

    Psalm 103:8

    In this world memory is becoming a non-necessity, with our technology, Machines do the memory for us and when it comes to bible memorization most of us take it for granted. This is an awesome video of children reciting script ... more


  • Fear


    Everyone FEARS. Why even David The Boy who killed Goliath..FEARED. In this short film a young boy falls asleep afraid of the night, only to awake in a mysterious forest; and must overcome his fear, to find 'Rest' in the Lor ... more




    We all have a will to be free, Though sometimes the will to be free often traps us instead of giving us the freedom it promises. In this video the viewer is given a visual representation on what happens when we follow our des ... more


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