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Fisheye Productions

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  • Fisher of men

    Fisher of men
    Fisheye Productions

    A man decides that he should no longer fish for fish but instead fish for men!


  • Devices

    Fisheye Productions

    A woman searches for God by emailing him, texting him and calling him. Eventually she finds him when she just listens.


  • Devotions

    Fisheye Productions

    A man tries to teach us how to pray and have devotional time. He is unsuccessful in doing it himself.


  • Forgiveness

    Fisheye Productions

    We see two examples of how you can deal with a situation when you've been wronged. Forgiveness seems to be the better choice.


  • Clean feet

    Clean feet
    Fisheye Productions

    Two guys rehearse a skit for their church about Jesus washing the disciples feet. The problem is they both want to play Jesus and not wash stinky feet. I think they missed the point!


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