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  • The AWKWARD Small Group

    The AWKWARD Small Group
    Just Creative

    A small group leader does everything wrong and makes everyone really uncomfortable. Makes a great case study for small group leaders.


  • Small Group Pretenders

    Small Group Pretenders
    Just Creative

    When the small group comes over, a married couple put on a plastic, happy face that hides the truth about their lives.


  • Running the Christian Race

    Running the Christian Race
    Just Creative

    It's hard to run with perseverence when you carry junk food and don't train. This video contrasts two runners - one ready and one, well, not so much.


  • God the Accountant

    God the Accountant
    Just Creative

    Sometimes we misunderstand God. Sometimes we think God is like a heartless, heavenly accountant. This video imagines what this misconception of God might look like then finishes with Psalm 130:3-4.


  • Lunch

    Just Creative

    Two workers are on lunch break and one forgot their lunch. The employee who brought a lunch big enough for two enjoys his lunch, talks about how hard it is to forget lunch and even offers to pray for his partner with no lunch ... more


  • GPS

    Just Creative

    Driving with his wife, a man won't listen to a GPS which turns out to be a "GOD Positioning System."


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