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Chad Laughrey

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  • Train Hard

    Train Hard
    Chad Laughrey

    This inspirational video compares the physical training of an athelete with spiritual growth. It is a great video to use for a message on 1 Cor. 9 or any time you want to challenge the congregation to push toward spiritual m ... more


  • What's Filling You

    What's Filling You
    Chad Laughrey

    This video will work great for a communion meditation or sermon intro on Jesus as the bread of life.


  • Red Splash Cross Welcome

    Red Splash Cross Welcome
    Chad Laughrey

    A stylish splash screen that welcomes the congregation. Available in a bundle.


  • Baptism in the Bible

    Baptism in the Bible
    Chad Laughrey

    This simple video displays key verses on baptism in the New Testament. A great video to show before a baptism or a teaching on the topic.


  • Worship in a Box

    Worship in a Box
    Chad Laughrey

    This high paced video challenges the audience to forget everything else and imagine only God before them as they worship. A great way to focus before starting a service


  • Koine Greek John 3:16

    Koine Greek John 3:16
    Chad Laughrey

    Watch John 3:16 come to life as the Koine Greek slowly transforms into English. This rough literal translation helps the congregation see the power of this verse through the order of the Greek words (accents and breathing ma ... more


  • His Scars Change Everything

    His Scars Change Everything
    Chad Laughrey

    We all have physical and emotional scars which remind us of our brokenness and sin. However, Jesus' scars absorb all of our failures and change everything. This video is a great sermon starter for a message on the power of ... more


  • The Shadow of the Cross

    The Shadow of the Cross
    Chad Laughrey

    A great loop for songs about the cross, communion songs, or just a neat backdrop for your screen during the service. Also avaliable in a bundle pack.


  • Trinity Loop

    Trinity Loop
    Chad Laughrey

    A loop revealing a glowing sign of the Trinity with downward floating particles. Also avaliable in a bundle pack.


  • Colored Ink Background

    Colored Ink Background
    Chad Laughrey

    A cool background with various colored drips of ink flowing in from different angles. Also avaliable in a bundle pack.


  • Why we give...

    Why we give...
    Chad Laughrey

    This can be used as an offering meditation or a sermon starter on giving. It will help the congregation think about the proper reasons for giving; namely, thanksgiving and gratitude for God's grace in our lives.


  • Because He is...

    Because He is...
    Chad Laughrey

    This fast paced video gets your congregation ready for worship. It reminds us of the attributes of God and why He is so worthy to be praised.


  • What is Life?

    What is Life?
    Chad Laughrey

    Life is much more than mere breath or a heartbeat. This video reveals that true life is only found in knowing God (cf. John 17:3). This clip could be used as either an introduction to worship or in support of a sermon messa ... more


  • Be Ready

    Be Ready
    Chad Laughrey

    This video examines the parables of Jesus in Matthew 24-25 that distinquish between the wise and the wicked. What is the difference? Jesus teaches the difference is being ready for the Master's return. Challenge your conge ... more


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