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Erin Brown

5 Products

  • He Will Give You Rest

    He Will Give You Rest
    Erin Brown

    Cute exhausted kitty, doesn't even wake when you pet him or play with his feet.  The text reads Matthew 11:28  in the NIV (Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you re ... more


  • Catnapping Countdown Till Service

    Catnapping Countdown Till Service
    Erin Brown

    Comedic countdown.  Tells congregation to wake up and get ready to pay attention using pun of catnapping.  This countdown is fun for your congregation to watch, as they will become transfixed by the kitty cat who is constantl ... more


  • The Nicene Creed set to music

    The Nicene Creed set to music
    Erin Brown

    The Nicene Creed softly appearing over music with iconic images surrounding.


  • Trying to Be a Cool Cat _Episode 1

    Trying to Be a Cool Cat _Episode 1
    Erin Brown

    This comedic short gets the congregation thinking about how fruitless the search for popularity can be. The girl in the video is trying to impress her cats by being a brown-noser and she ends up worrying about what they think ... more


  • Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

    Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
    Erin Brown

    Text encouraging the congregation to discover their spiritual gifts. Great for the beginning of a series, or for the beginning of each sermon within a series. Upbeat music makes it great for contemporary audiences, or youth ... more


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