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Kyle Bradley

5 Products

  • Jesus Last Days

    Jesus Last Days
    Kyle Bradley

    This video asks the question, "If you only had 180 days left to live, what would you do?" and also shows what Christ did during his last 180 days, where He set his face toward Jerusalem knowing it would lead to the cross.


  • Red Abstract Background Loop

    Red Abstract Background Loop
    Kyle Bradley

    Red painting-like abstract background with smooth looping motion. Great for worship backgrounds.


  • Cross on Abstract Red Background

    Cross on Abstract Red Background
    Kyle Bradley

    Smooth looping video with black cross on an abstract red background. Great for worship background.


  • God is... Countdown

    God is... Countdown
    Kyle Bradley

    A five-minute text animation countdown describing God. His attributes and characteristics. The animation loops three times during the countdown


  • God is

    God is
    Kyle Bradley

    A text animation describing who God is-- His attributes and characteristics. The purpose is to let the listener know that the God whom He worships is the Almighty Powerful Creator God, Christ, who though humbled himself out o ... more


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