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  • Ilustración: Encuentro con Dios

    Ilustración: Encuentro con Dios

    Se puede usar para promocionar un evento para fin de semana, una serie de sermones, escuela dominical, retiro, campamento ó conferencia con este ví­deo de Encuentro con Dios.


  • The Sword

    The Sword

    This 3D sword loop is a great addition for sermon titles, scriptures, or worship.


  • Retreat


    Need a great way to promote an upcoming retreat? Inspire people to be refreshed, renewed with this upbeat video.


  • Do You See?

    Do You See?

    A stick figure animations tells the story of Jesus' birth from the perspective of the song, "Do you see what I see?"


  • Blessed Mother

    Blessed Mother

    Father comes home from work to find his home in disarray. He searches to find Mother taking a much needed break. A humorous look at life and how blessed we are to have our mothers.


  • Encounter God!

    Encounter God!

    Different people encounter God in different ways. If they all encounter the same God, then there must be a common denominator that binds different people. Through the transformative encounter one has with Christ, one knows fo ... more


  • Super Heroes

    Super Heroes

    We look up to super heroes. But who is the coolest super hero of them all? The one who can save the world!


  • Temptation Roadblocks

    Temptation Roadblocks

    An introduction to topics dealing with temptations. In life, we are faced with temptations, but the Word says that God offers roadblocks and a way out so that we can stand.


  • Extreme Makeover

    Extreme Makeover

    Sermon title video for a series about how Christ makes our lives a new creation.


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