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  • Books of the Bible

    Books of the Bible

    Brief introduction for sermon or scripture reading.


  • All Are Welcome

    All Are Welcome

    Brief welcome video inviting people from all walks of life.


  • Ash Wednesday 101

    Ash Wednesday 101

    Just as the title suggests, this quick, one-minute piece is meant to give a little bit of background information on Ash Wednesday for those who do not why we have this day every year.


  • Fall Trivia Countdown

    Fall Trivia Countdown

    This countdown features many Thanksgiving related trivia questions accompanied by music. It is sure to keep your congregation engaged and entertained before the service begins.


  • John Wesley's Trilateral

    John Wesley's Trilateral

    This one-minute video provides a basic introduction for John Wesley's Trilateral on stewardship: earn what you can, save what you can, give what you can. It can be used with or without the music and would make a great transit ... more


  • Labor Day Trivia Countdown

    Labor Day Trivia Countdown

    This is a five minute trivia countdown for Labor Day. It comes complete with music and many interesting facts to engage the congregation before the service begins.


  • July Fourth Countdown

    July Fourth Countdown

    This is a Fourth of July themed countdown that is sure to inform and entertain your congregation before the service begins. Watch as the hat delivers question after question.


  • The Road To Worship

    The Road To Worship

    This is a simple background loop that would work well for scripture or lyrics. It would also make a nice DVD menu background.


  • July 4 Trivia Countdown

    July 4 Trivia Countdown

    A 5 minute trivia countdown complete with 12 questions to entertain and inform. Perfect for any time during your service.


  • Love It Up

    Love It Up

    Playful video depicting the basic principles of Valentine's Day.


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