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Brad Conner

3 Products

  • The Ancient Words of God

    The Ancient Words of God
    Brad Conner

    Need a mysterious intro? Want to achieve an immersive atmosphere? Want to lift up the incredible and ancient nature of the Word of God? This package is a narration of John 1:1-5, Psalms 119:35-36, Psalms 119:105, Hebrews 4: ... more


  • The When & Thens

    The When & Thens
    Brad Conner

    Are you a slave to The When & Thens?  A teaching illustration on the power of excuses, and how they pile up over time. True change happens when we stop making excuses. Only then will things begin to change. Grace has bee ... more


  • Expiration Date

    Expiration Date
    Brad Conner

    Everything has an expiration date. Even you. :-)


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