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  • Free Fall

    Free Fall
    Prolifik Films

    A poetic take on Genesis 3 - the introduction of sin into our world and the fall of mankind. Free Fall does not provide a resolution or call to action, but serves to creatively set up the topic of sin and brokenness, or our d ... more


  • Joyful Noise

    Joyful Noise
    Prolifik Films

    Throughout scripture we are told to come before God and make a joyful noise. Get your worship time off to the right start with this robotic joyful reminder.


  • Rules Opener

    Rules Opener
    Prolifik Films

    Created with youth groups in mind, this rules opener will also work well in kids, college, and urban environments. Everyone needs to communicate rules at some point, and with this opener it's never been easier. A quick, moder ... more


  • Broken Is Beautiful

    Broken Is Beautiful
    Prolifik Films

    "The interesting thing about x-rays is that the perfect ones are the ones that get thrown away..." Stephanie is an artist with an unusual passion. She creates beautiful pieces of art on top of x-rays. She sees the underlying ... more


  • Prayer Motion Slide

    Prayer Motion Slide
    Prolifik Films

    Add a slick, clean transitional element to your service with these Motion Slides from Prolifik Films. The animation will slow to a stop, enabling you to freeze frame, or hold these videos without distraction.


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