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Russ Randall

3 Products

  • Perspectives of the Cross

    Perspectives of the Cross
    Russ Randall

    Have we seen the Easter story one too many times for it to impact us anymore? This innovative video, based on the artwork of acclaimed artist Ronn Stern, depicts the many different perspectives of Jesus when he was on the cr ... more


  • PlankEye

    Russ Randall

    PlankEye is a terrible disease that keeps us from clearly seeing ourselves and others. Inspired from Jesus's sermon on the mount in Matthew 7, this comedic medical commercial parody will make you laugh as much as it will mak ... more


  • Baggage, You may have more than you think!

    Baggage, You may have more than you think!
    Russ Randall

    This video illustrates how we have unresolved personal issues that continue to follow us around stalking us. Occasionally, our baggage can come back to haunt us. Great video to illustrate a need for spiritual and emotional h ... more


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