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David E. Rose

5 Products

  • 3D Snowflake 5 Minute Countdown

    3D Snowflake 5 Minute Countdown
    David E. Rose

    This countdown loop is inspired by God's handiwork with even something as small and temporary as the snowflake. This countdown features a 3D snowflake slowly rotating in a snowing background.


  • Eternal Resolutions

    Eternal Resolutions
    David E. Rose

    Why don't we keep our resolutions? Can we even remember the resolutions we made last year or the year before that? There is a better way to grow in our lives which is centered on Christ that carries on from year to year. T ... more


  • Abstract water background with rippling waves

    Abstract water background with rippling waves
    David E. Rose

    This Background is great for songs of all types.  It features a serene waterscape of rippling waves built in 3D


  • Crown of Sacrifice

    Crown of Sacrifice
    David E. Rose

    This powerful background loop focuses on reminding us of the great sacrifice of Christ.  It features a rotating crown of thorns built in 3D on a black and white background and drops of blood hitting the background and then fa ... more


  • Cross with flowing cloth gold

    Cross with flowing cloth gold
    David E. Rose

    This background loop features Jesus' cross with burial cloth flowing in the wind with light shining through blue sky. It is great for any time, especially for Holy Week and Easter.  Original Artwork all built in 3D.  Also ava ... more


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