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Bryce Harvey

4 Products

  • I Am a Mom

    I Am a Mom
    Bryce Harvey

    A tribute to REAL mothers. An honest and authentic look at true mothers and their faith in God. She may not be the “perfect†mom but she knows her strength lays in His hands.


  • Finished

    Bryce Harvey

    Ignite your senses with this dramatic look at the crucifixion. When it is finished, all is clean. Great for Easter and Good Friday services.


  • CSI Jerusalem

    CSI Jerusalem
    Bryce Harvey

    CSI Jerusalem reveals the execution of Jesus through the eyes of a CSI agent. A dramatic and thought provoking look at Christ's death on the cross. Perfect for Easter and Good Friday Services.


  • Sounds of the Cross

    Sounds of the Cross
    Bryce Harvey

    Christ was tortured and crucified on our behalf, suffering excruciating pain. The pain he experienced as the sinless saviour for the sins of the whole world, for all time, is unimaginable and unjustifiable. Nevertheless,he di ... more


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