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Shadowform Productions

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  • Waking Up To A Fortune

    Waking Up To A Fortune
    Shadowform Productions

    What would it feel like to wake up to a fortune... every day? One young man tells of his experience, and how he chooses to use it. Available in HD and SD formats. Produced by Shadowform Productions (http://shadowform.org)


  • Serenity by the River Countdown

    Serenity by the River Countdown
    Shadowform Productions

    A five-minute countdown featuring the natural beauty of the mountains after a winter snow. A river flows in the background, then transitions to an antique jeweled cross standing alone in the virgin snow. A serene ambient inst ... more


  • Escaping the Darkness

    Escaping the Darkness
    Shadowform Productions

    A suspensful short depicting a woman in turmoil, frantically escaping from the darkness while male voice narrates Hebrews 10:26-27. Illustrates the darker warning that Scripture issues against practicing sin after the truth ... more


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