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Songs of Hope

With a passion for writing music that drives home the powerful messages in Scripture, Scott and Ginger Tabot are committed to providing you with powerful music videos for your messages. "History" is from a brand new music-driven Bible study called Live SoulFULL.

2 Products

  • His True Story

    His True Story
    Songs of Hope

    This new song and lyric video walk through the movements of God's Grand Story and emphasize that He has been fighting to win us back. The climax of this video is found in the restoration that Jesus brings. He is the light i ... more


  • On His Knees

    On His Knees
    Songs of Hope

    Encourage dads to make a lasting impact on their children through the power of prayer. This music video tells the story of one daughter who reflects on her childhood and teenage years and realizes that more than any present ... more


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