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  • Humilify

    MnN Productions

    What if repenting of your pride was as simple as taking a pill? ‘Humilify’ is a hilarious "pharmaceutical commercial” about a drug that makes you humble. 


  • Remembering 9/11: the Value of Every Soul

    Remembering 9/11: the Value of Every Soul
    MnN Productions

    [Narrated with actual 9/11 film footage] Philip Zayas, a Christian who worked at the World Trade Center in September 2001, found himself facing imminent disaster when an airplane crashed into the building about 20 floors abov ... more


  • Now or Never

    Now or Never
    MnN Productions

    Every day we have opportunities to share the gospel with those around us. This award winning video inspires and motivates us to speak up for Jesus.


  • Glorify the King Count Down

    Glorify the King Count Down
    MnN Productions

    Let's get ready to glorify the King as we count down to worship!


  • He is Worthy Count Down

    He is Worthy Count Down
    MnN Productions

    Let's remember that God is worthy of our praise before we worship!


  • Recalculating

    MnN Productions

    "Recalculating" is a 12 minute Christian thriller that illustrates the scary battle waged by Satan for our heart and soul. This movie gets audiences talking with its surprise ending.


  • 6 Minutes to Live

    6 Minutes to Live
    MnN Productions

    In 1988, when the Iranians fired two silkworm missiles at the USS Gary, officer Dan Nabors realized he had only 6 minutes to live.  That day was a turning point for him spiritually as he turned to God.  This true story was fi ... more


  • Get Reading

    Get Reading
    MnN Productions

    No doubt about it, the Bible will blow you away!  This video illustrates how the Bible impacts us and helps us to repent, grow, and change.  If you will just open the Bible you'll see just how impacting it is!  HD


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