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  • Everyday Faithful

    Everyday Faithful
    Minor Touch Media

    In 1 Peter, we are reminded that we are God's chosen people and that we are to be faithful every day in all situations. This man's prayer and dedication at work is heartwarming and leaves us striving to be "Everyday Faithful. ... more


  • What's Your Excuse

    What's Your Excuse
    Minor Touch Media

    Our hectic lives, as well as the devil's snares often get in the way of us faithfully attending church. This man encounters a series of ridiculous hurdles on his journey, but overcomes them all leaving us with the question, " ... more


  • On That Day

    On That Day
    Minor Touch Media

    Based on Matthew 7:22-23 A good, church-going man is in a car accident and finds out what a true Christian is.


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