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Jordan Productions

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  • Jordan River

    Jordan River
    Jordan Productions

    The Jordan River has a special place in Israel’s history and is used in the Bible as a metaphor for salvation – a theme picked up in some of our great hymns. The video examines the Biblical history that relates to the rive ... more


  • Lake Galilee

    Lake Galilee
    Jordan Productions

    This video traces the history of Lake Galilee in relation to the miracles and ministry of Jesus Christ.Viewers will discover how small the lake is, how it was divided up into regions during the 1st century and exactly where J ... more


  • Transfiguration

    Jordan Productions

    This video looks at the events that occurred during the journey of Jesus, James, John and Peter to a mountain to pray. It is where Jesus was transfigured before his friends’ eyes and how this event relates to Jesus’ later res ... more


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